JJ Martin

J.J. Martin

Founder, LaDoubleJ.com; Editor-at-Large, Wallpaper* Magazine; Contributor, WSJ Magazine. Milan

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

As we've discussed previously, vintage is notoriously tricky to pull off and pull off well. And while today's subject is precisely on the opposite end of the spectrum to that of Sami Miró, who first reinvigorated our thirst for the whole thrill-of-the-hunt that is vintage shopping with her wardrobe of '90s denim overalls, chokers and Fredericks of Hollywood cha-cha slides. How does vintage, floor-length 1960s Valentino or flamenco-style, sheer embroidered floor-length Céline sound? Or geometric printed silk and chiffon with tufts of orange-red feathers from the cuffs and hem? Yup, thought so. We left vintage hound and fashion journalist J.J. Martin's Milan home practically floating with visions of archival Pucci and Curiel dancing in our heads.

Once we were done gaping over her beautiful home, which just so happens to overlook the Piazza della Giustizia (#baller), we got to the good stuff—also known as the closet—where we were promptly confronted by a massive rack of shoes, an enormous closet and bonus clothing rack filled to the brim with vintage goodies. And it didn't stop there—you can likely imagine our faces when Martin revealed that the massive cabinets dotting the hallway were filled with shoes, bags and more one-of-a-kind pieces. In other words, our work was basically cut out for us.

When your CV is as decorated with gigs in advertising as well as for the likes of Wallpaper* and Wall Street Journal Magazine, chances are that it's more than just your clothes that have a few juicy stories to share. “The most surreal moments in my career were going on Giorgio Armani’s yacht, dancing at Donatella Versace’s house with Beyoncé, visiting Valentino at his Chateau in Paris and Silvia Fendi in her magical home on the island of Ponza. All of my fashion journalism work has been a wild, wonderful, fantasy-induced ride. But more rewarding than all of that was launching my own website and watching it spin out of crazy-fun control," Martin told us of her most recent venture, LaDoubleJ.com, which marries Martin's love of storytelling and Italian culture with vintage and e-commerce. We feel pretty confident that if anyone's qualified to nail that mix, it's J.J.