How to Wear a Bodysuit

How to Wear a Bodysuit

From the ballerina to the buttless to the Beyoncé.

There are many, many things we’ve learned from Kim Kardashian over the years. The first being, of course, that one should always cry in front of a mirror before crying in public. The second is it takes a skin thicker than diamond-encrusted Balmain to be a celebepreneur. And the third: The Bodysuit. Arguably the hallmark of her post-Kanye style transformation, Kim slips her second-skin, super-flattering ‘suits under blazers, pencil skirts and skinny jeans (and with nary a pantyline in sight). 
If the thought of pasting a layer of Spandex under your easy-breezy summer outfit makes you sweat from crevices you didn’t know existed, we’re with you. But one too many tight tops have ridden up our ribcages, and we’re ready for something with a little more staying power.
From snap crotches to scoop necks, here’s how to master the bodysuit.  




Whether it’s a plunge-back black suit or a floaty spaghetti-strapped Alice & Olivia, the bodysuit instantly turns even the least graceful of wearer into a willowy ballerina (and if our obsession with the Black Swan costume department is any indication, that’s always a goal). Invest in a reliable pair of sticky boob cups—the leotard style will keep them stuck in place no matter how unrefined your dance moves. Wear it tucked into a pair of ripped-to-shreds boyfriend jeans to keep it from being too precious, or belted under your trusty One Teaspoon shorts for the easiest music festival outfit ever (just stay away from the Port-A-Potties. Some things just don’t mix).




If you’re wearing your bodysuit with crepe culottes or hip-hugging high-waisted shorts, beware the pantyline. There are certain fabrics and cuts that just won’t forgive the extra layer, and chances are you won’t notice the valley of creases until it’s too late (read: the x-ray-like fluorescence of your office bathroom). When you find a perfect-fit thong bodysuit, trust us: stock up. Get them in black and nude in every neckline—halter, turtle and long-sleeved scoop. Our favorite way to wear it? Find as close a match to your skin tone as possible for that nearly-nude effect under a plunging blazer or see-through dress.




The ‘60s skin-tight leotard is inherently sexy, but all the voluminous, XXL bottoms we’ve been coveting this season give us a little legroom to show some skin on top. We love a bodysuit in a geometric cut, a bustier top, daring hip cut-out or sliced with a band of color. Hey, this is 2015—we’re all for wearing undergarments in public, right? Pair it with an A-line neoprene midi skirt or wide-leg trouser to keep it classy. Now that’s what we call a balancing act.




Dig out your Halloween costume from 2012, ‘cause it’s time for that little number’s second-coming. Whether you opted for the mirror-image, one-sleeved bod-Bey-suit, or went for more of a backup-dancer look with a high neck and thick straps, the Single Ladies were way ahead of the curve(s). Wear it with an embellished skirt or statement short, but for the love of Jay, don’t try to pull off the bodysuit-heels-and-glove alone. If you liked it then you should have put something on it.




This one’s for those of us who’ve experienced the dreaded shirt-bunch under the waistline of a skirt. Because who doesn’t want a pseudo-muffin top, right? We’re loving these t-shirt bodysuits—not only to they keep shirts firmly in place under our bottoms, but because they double as pajamas. Our favorite? The heather-grey muscle tee. 


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