How To Start A Conversation in 60 Seconds

How To Start A Conversation in 60 Seconds

For all of those long weekend run-ins—and zero mention of the weather.

As much as we’ve pulled the whole head down, pretending-to-text scenario on more than one occasion, the long weekend trek back home, and subsequent run-ins, puts us in far too many potentially awkward situations for us to hide behind our digital addictions. Yeah, we know, pretending you’re deep in conversation with your current best friends (or Mom) is way easier than, lets say, chitchatting with your ex, whom you just spotted in your peripheral. Or at your family Fourth of July party, tucking yourself into a lawn chair as far into the corner of the yard, stuffing your face full of BBQ in hopes that your parents’ weird friends don’t spot you and start badgering you with redundant (all too personal) questions. Not to mention, how the hell are you going to keep up conversation when you finally meet your significant other’s extended family? Seriously, we could go on and on...

But, instead of dreading all the aforementioned (and the upteenth number of other scerios in which we bypass any contrived conversation), we’re sucking it up and prying our eyes, albeit reluctantly, up from our phones (or sidewalk — really, anywhere but eye level) and saying ‘Hi’. Where to go from there? Well, herein are a few things to get you past the idle chat and pleasantries. Trust us, you’ll be better for it.



The Skimm

Knowing what’s up in the world is pretty much the 101 of holding a conversation. The Skimm, which literally, uh, skims the day’s top news-y stories, gives it to you short. Just browse it on your commute or make a habit of checking it with your morning cuppa. You’re bound to have something to talk about when you run into your college frenemy at the mall.




CNN News App

There’s nothing worse than standing with your boyfriend’s over-opinionated uncle and nodding your head as he blabs on about yesterday’s scandal. Have something to say that’s actually informed with CNN’s News App, that pings you with breaking news the moment it happens.




Okay, so let’s just say you’ve made it past the, “weather's been really shitty this summer, amiright?” and “Oh, so you just got married? How nice.” small talk with your former high school BFF. There an easy, less holy-shit-we’re-adults segue into the more mundane of topics. We mean, they did just pick up season 4 of The Mindy Project. Just take it from Mindy.





Since flipping through magazines is pretty much our day job (and hardly torturous TBH) this one felt like a natural way to keep ourselves informed. Think of it as all your curated content into one beautiful digitized glossy. Whether you’re a pseudo-techie or all about the Royal gossip (no judgments), keeping up with practically anything is just effing easy.





Think of this as your Pinterest board on crack. As in, you can save any article, video, anything, and read it later. We mean, how many times have you stealthy browsed while on a conference call, only to have missed half of the meeting? Save it for later, friends.



Bad Date Rescue App

Although this isn’t particularly a date set up, this app is a godsend when it comes to getting out of some particularly uncomfortable (ie. ex spotting :point_up:) scenarios. This spiffy little app right here, will scan your contact list and fake a dial-in from your Mom just as the convo takes an awkward turn and will get you outta that situation ASAP.

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