Sami Miró

Vintage Curator; Designer. Los Angeles

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson

Vintage is a notoriously tricky thing. While it's the easiest way to ensure you're wearing something no one else likely has and elevates garments from their merely utilitarian purposes to a living, breathing entity with its own history; it also has the capacity to get costume-y. Real fast. As in, it's easy to cross the line from offbeat, insouciant cool, right into grandma territory. But with Sami Miró? Yeah, not an effing chance.

It felt a little ridiculous to say out loud ("you're just so... curated!" "Yeah, that's... what I do," she laughed), but there's no other way to put it: girl knows how to edit. Miró has the kind of eagle eye that allows her to sort through the jumbles at crowded stalls and stacks at massive markets and fleas all over the world. She's been known to hone in on everything from pastel pink vintage suits, '90s-style chokers and feather-trimmed mules, and snap them up for her own. Top it off with an insane collection of sunglasses, vintage gold jewelry and a serious thing for fur (both real, albeit vintage, and faux) and you have what we like to think is a pretty accurate snapshot of Miró's day-to-day style. Of course, Miró broke it all down for us herself, too, explaining it thusly, “My personal style is full of juxtapositions. I pair things that wouldn't traditionally go together. Too much of one style is boring. Cutesy with grungy. Sexy with masculine. Sixties with contemporary. There is a lot of curated vintage and male clothing involved too.”

As we worked our way through Miró's closet, we talked everything from the best restaurants in L.A. (Sushi Park FTW), her recent tour through Copenhagen and subsequent visit to René Redzepi's Noma (:pray:), and her favorite all-natural-everything beauty picks (from hand sanitizer to lavender deodorant). Lets just say the sudden urge to extend our stay timed to a trip to the Rose Bowl was all too real...