Camilla Freeman-Topper

Co-Founder; Creative Director, Camilla and Marc. Sydney

You know how the saying goes: when in Australia, shoot every contemporary-cool Australian designer you can think of. We mean... that is how it goes, right? At least in our case, when during our recent jaunt through Sydney, we attempted to do just that—and we'd managed to tick Kym Ellery and Nicky Zimmermann off our respective lists before making it to the bright, art-filled Bellevue Hill home of Camilla Freeman-Topper.

Allow us to remind you (as we have the tendency to fill you in): you may better know Freeman-Topper as the Sydney-based designer who's one-half of contemporary label Camilla and Marc, which she started with her brother (would you believe us if we told you his name's Marc?). If you've followed the brand's trajectory throughout the years, the contents of Freeman-Topper's closet will come as no surprise: killer outerwear and accessories of her own creation, with exceedingly healthy doses of Givenchy, Lanvin, and CHANEL for good measure.

When we weren't busy adding the designer's perfectly minimal, structural full-length coats to our mental wish list (you have one too), we were busy cribbing notes from her interior design strategy. From the authentic Aborigine art dotting her walls to the pastel and gold hues that dominated her kitchen and flatware. Girl lives in an IRL Architectural Digest spread that was practically begging to be on the receiving end of the TC treatment. Camilla pretty much summed it all up when she put it thusly, “My home is a mix of old and new, combining Scandinavian and Art Deco elements with contemporary art. I collect weird elephants, candles plus coffee table books on art, architecture, photography and cooking.” Yeah, we're pretty sure that's an equation for a beautiful home rife with Urban-Outfitters-wishes-they-could character if we've ever seen one.