Romy Frydman

Romy Frydman

Stylist; Photographer; Founder, Sydney

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Renée Rodenkirchen

For us there really couldn’t have been a better introduction to Sydney than Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Not to sound completely creepy or anything, but let’s just say that the moments when the beautiful people come out (and dressed in their street style best, at that), is when some of our best work is done. Cut to us on the opening night of fashion week conveniently seated next to one Romy Frydman, stylist, photographer, founder of digital and print magazines StyleMeRomy and all around Australian fashion queen (if you couldn’t already tell).

It only took one more (slightly blurry) night after that and we found ourselves with an invitation to Chez Frydman, where we arrived promptly the following morning (albeit nursing a bit of a headache—these things happen, kids). Happily, though, we immediately decided that there is really no better place to spend a slow-ish morning. Think: a perfectly picturesque view, stacks of killer coffee table books and a giant-sized tub to soak in.

And then, of course, her closet. We kind of knew it would be great based on the whole bohemian-sophisticated thing she has going on on her website and Instagram, and, yeah, we weren’t disappointed and neither will you be. Think piles of Prada (bags, shoes—lots and lots of shoes), louche Gucci fur coats, impeccably tailored Victoria Beckham denim, that we’re now kicking ourselves for not clicking ‘Buy’ on, and a lot of airy Isabel Marant and Zimmermann dresses. The whole process pretty much confirmed our first impression (the Australian fashion queen thing); and then she fed us chocolate freckles (you’ll have to Google it) and we were pretty much in heaven down under.