Margaret Zhang


By: Noah Lehava
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

This might sounds a bit obvious, but when we finnalllyyy booked our venture across two oceans and three continents (you know, depending on flight plan) to Sydney, we had a pretty well-established list of closets we were about to have a rummaging through. At the top of that list, was writer/photographer/stylist/and you know, soon-to-be lawyer (and breathe), Margaret Zhang. Let’s put it this way: Zhang is wickedly good at juggling a multitude of careers, hence the title rife with backlashes, and if that wasn’t a dead giveaway to her variegated style then wait till you see her immaculately edited collection of Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung and Marrimekko…but more on that soon.

We mean, it’s not like we were expecting anything different. In case you had forgotten, we caught up with Zhang in New York some odd seasons ago, where we got a teensy glimpse of what we were in for this time around down under. Since our last meet-up, she’s been keeping it crazy-busy (as if we’d expect anything less), with major collabs and appearances in more than a few glossy mags. “I triple-tasked (shot/styled/modelled) for ELLE Australia and Swarovski late last year.” Seriously, we weren’t kidding about those backlashes. And it’s those projects that have her jetting around the world and documenting it all for us to see (and envy, let’s be real) on her feed. It also happens to be why her pro-layering and mixing her multitasking pieces (even her wardrobe has motley purposes) has us in awe of her packing skills. “I tend to pack a lot of separates that I can mix and match day to day, and am totally fine with wearing the same garment every day for a week, as long as everything else is changing!”

There’s one caveat here; Zhang was in the midst of moving just as we landed —talk about poor timing. But she kindly prettied up her racks on racks of ELLERY and Isabel Marant, just for us to ogle over. We’ll just have to pencil in another visit to see her new closet soon. No biggie.