Andi Potamkin

Owner, Kasher|Potamkin & Three Squares Studio. New York. In collaboration with Bloomingdales

By: Emily Ramshaw
Videographer: Renée Rodenkirchen

We don't know about you, but in general, the art world (much like the fashion world) can be, well, a little intimidating. We'll cop to constantly hunting for an ambassador of sorts who can help us get through the Basel party without confusing our Gagosians with our Guggenheims. Let's just say we haven't had the most successful record when it comes to finding such a person—again, like fashion, the whole gallery-hopping, fair-attending scene can be just a wee bit insular. Until know, that is, because we found a live one, guys. And it’s Andi Potamkin, the Brooklyn-dwelling owner of not one, but two NYC galleries.

First off, on that whole approachable jag… While Potamkin cops to a mostly black, blue and grey wardrobe (it’s a New York thing, not an art thing), her selection of the best of Bloomingdales’ spring stock was all graphic patterns and bright accents—a.k.a. about as far off that all-black-everything uniform that we’ve ever seen. Then again, while she’s that precise brand of art-world cool we’ve always dreamed of being, she’s hardly typical when it comes to how she treats said world. Take Kasher|Potamkin, for example, which she explains as more of a boutique than a gallery, where you can peruse and buy art by the likes of the Haas Brothers and Miles Aldridge. Or Three Squares Studio, her ultra-luxe hair salon which doubles as a gallery space (otherwise known as our happy place).

So, yeah, we’d kind of already fallen in love with the idea of her on paper, but once she started waxing rhapsodic about the transformational power of a good heel, well, we knew she was, ahem, it. Plus, when someone can pair ripped denim with lacy rabbit ears, or a boxy crop top with mirrored shades with the kind of ease that Potamkin did (and all while posing for the cameras, mind you), the whole kindred spirit thing is kind of a given (we know, we’re so predictable). Now, if only Potamkin would walk us through the Frieze booths this weekend. Andi, you can expect a call.