Tali Lennox

Artist & Model. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw

There’s this thing people do when they think of models. You know, that they're just a pretty face. But through the very important work that we do, we’ve come to consider ourselves experts on the subject (the subject being the beautiful people who are paid $$$$ to get their pictures taken and walk a runway). And trust us when we say they’re way, way more than their admittedly very pretty faces. Take Karlie Kloss: she has a Kookie business with Momofuku’s Christina Tosi and she, uh, kodes and is attending NYU to boot. Or Erin Heatherton, who, as we discovered upon photographing her in her apartment, is secretly a savant when it comes to interiors. Or Joan Smalls, Erin Wasson and Ashley Smith—all part-time designers whose clothes we actually want to buy. Our latest encounter with one of these wonder women? Tali Lennox, daughter of Annie, Prada runway walking model and our new favorite painter.

As religious Style.com fashion show watchers, we’ve been following Lennox since she made her debut way back in Burberry’s spring 2011 show (metallic trench coat and all), but let’s just say that our interest was really piqued when we started hearing rumblings of a solo show. And when we arrived at her apartment in Manhattan, we kind of got why, at the ripe ol' age of 22 and just a year into painting professionally, she deserves that much New York gallery real estate. Her expressive self-portraits, all bold brushstrokes and saturated color, are the kind of pieces that would feel perfectly at home on the walls of TC HQ (just saying).

And her wardrobe? Lennox is no skinny-jean-and-leather-jacket-wearing model off duty. We’re pretty sure that her closet is more reflective of her artistic side, what with a couple Muppet-like fuzzy coats that serve her as conversational icebreakers (you’ll get what we mean in a second), sparkly Miu Miu shades and bright orange Roger Vivier ankle boots. And, okay, so she does have one black leather jacket—but it’s vintage from the ‘80s and belonged to her mother, which is about as far from uniform as you could possibly get.