Gilda Ambrosio

Designer. Paris

There are certain style signatures that, in our books, pretty much instantaneously secure you solid sartorial standing. We're talking the sort that requires excessive use of the cat-with-hearts-for-eyes emoji. A few of the more obvious touchstones? Over-the-top outerwear, for one. Witty minaudières that break the tradition of a prissy clutch for evening, too. A made-for-you pair of mom jeans, killer sunglasses and, well, good hair, all help. And who ticks those boxes like she's in a waiting room (albeit, likely a chic one)? Gilda Ambrosio.

But nevermind the wares you spot her in on the street—we need to talk about that hair. That curtain-like sheath rife for casual flips over the shoulder, inky dark brown, pin-straight hair. Spoiler alert: there's nothing in a bottle or tub that will help you replicate it at home. First of all, get this (seriously, you sitting down?): girl once shaved it all off. As in took a razor to that same head of hair you see here, and did away with all of it. If that doesn't have you compulsively running off to do the exact same, we have another Ambrosio-approved tip for you: start skipping shampoos. "It really takes a lot of care for long hair. Good moisturizing and not doing the shampoo everyday is a good start." Did you get that?

Welcoming us into her tony suite at La Maison Champs-Elysées (do the all white interiors feel familiar? The hotel was decorated by Martin Margiela) just before the Céline show, we wasted no time making our way through Ambrosio's carry-on: think lots of avant-garde Loewe, badass Prada, and enviable Balenciaga. Add her to your Instagram must-follow list. Now.