How to Lift Your Mood in 60 Seconds

Good moods all around. We’re making it happen.

In 60 Seconds
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We could spend a good part of our day cataloging the scenarios in which would turn our moods. But for the sake of timing (and to keep us within the minute mark we’ve so humbly set for ourselves here), we’ll just list a few. You know, like that morning commute (which just sets the tone of the day, right?); cramped, hot, with a hint of questionable body odor, and riddled with delays, or alternatively the seasonal (guys, up here in #thesix we have only two; winter and construction season) road closure that’s left you in a deadlock. Ugh. Add that to your bad hair day and that chain of frustrating emails, and it’s practically thrown your entire day off-kilter.
You get the gist: every single damn one of us has been a little salty one day or another. In an attempt to avert your mini-rage blackout, we spoke with psychologist, TED speaker and author of Emotional First Aid, Dr. Guy Winch, who laid out the simple groundwork for how to not sweat over the small stuff and just be happy.  We can get behind that.



Option 1

Look at the big picture, guys


Two things to establish here: 1) What’s actually got you all in a huff, and 2) is it going to matter in a year, or next month, or even by this afternoon? Chances are whatever pissed you off in the first place is going to be erased from your memory just as fast as what you had for lunch today. So, instead, may we suggest taking a moment to think — like really, really think — about whether or not you’re going to let something so minuscule ruin a perfectly good day.  And then, forget about it.



Option 2


Let’s just say this bad mood is churning in the background, bubbling up in the undercurrent, and you can’t seem to shake it — even with the advice up there :point_up:. Build Ikea furniture, or more simply pick up your phone and play Candy Crush. No, really guys. “If you distract yourself with a task that requires concentration, then within a few minutes you’ll have stopped that process from operating in the background. Now all the intellectual resources are going towards whatever requires concentration. That’s a good way to break that bad mood. It can be a crossword, it can be Candy Crush, or it can be writing an email. Something that demands your attention and concentration,” explains Dr. Winch.



Option 3

Just watch this

Puppies! :dog:  You’re welcome.


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