Editors' Picks: The Fiesta Edition

Editors' Picks: The Fiesta Edition

Apparently we'll take any excuse to drink tequila and wear colorful clothing. But then, who wouldn't?

We like to shop. We're going to go out on a limb here and guess that you like shopping, too. What we really like, though, is snooping what other people are buying, contemplating buying, and going on to wear, use and love. With that notion, Editor's Picks was born: each week, we'll be breaking down the beauty products and fashion pieces that are taking up real estate in our digital shopping carts now. Oh, and don't mind us if we throw in a few not-so-material things in for good measure. We swear its synchronicity with pay day is only a coincidence.



Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor

I’ll admit I have a minimal connection to Cinco de Mayo as a holiday, but I’ll take any excuse to celebrate the beginning of true spring with some strong tequila-spiked drinks and excessive time in the sun. I live in denim (every season, all the time), and a denim dress is high on my list of summer priority purchases. This embroidered House of Holland shift is just about perfect for celebrating on a patio, no? And—shocker—it’s even (relatively) inexpensive! And these pink (but not too pink) tumblers fulfill my desire to class up a margarita on the rocks (never, ever blended). Plus, I’m a serious sucker for nice glassware, so any excuse to add to my collection is a good one.



Noah Lehava

Senior Editor

There’s kind of a lot to love about Cinco de Mayo, amirite? Like piñatas (candy!), mariachi bands (sombreros!), tacos (and guac!), and…tequila (lots of tequila). Now that we’ve determined it’s the best holiday ever, I can’t really imagine not having a cold margarita with a big splash of Casamigos Tequila Gold to celebrate. Now to find that perfect recipe....oh wait, :point_right: lookie here. And if, say, I was in L.A. as opposed to Toronto, I’d be doing it in this one-piece, poolside.



Meagan Wilson

Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

Fuhgeddabout Cinco de Mayo—this week's editor picks theme is pretty sh*t I have zero justification for. A rose gold piñata (that you don't actually swat at and bust open—there's a trap door for candy on the side) is cute and stuff, has a purpose on a very big technicality, but at the end of the day, ceases to be all that useful.

As for the sandals? They're practical in the sense that they have a two inch heel that enables me to skip Ubers in lieu of using my legs, but beyond that, the combination of python, suede and fringe don't generally add up to the most utilitarian of shoes. But it's summer, and I'm in the mood for hasty decisions.



Alicia Cesaro

Editorial Assistant

I'll be the first one to admit that I've got a thing for themes (I know, I know, my American-ness is showing), but any get together that calls for salt rimmed (the best part) cocktails and dips is okay by me. Since a sombrero and maracas just ain’t cutting it in the accessories department, I’ll need a pair of celebratory heels—these perfectly fitting d'Orsay Charlotte Olympia heels to be exact. Because, #spiceupyourlife... it's the theme, no?

And there's literally no better way to ring in spring(ish) weather and Cinco de Mayo than with a drink and some vitamin D. The drink that best goes with my inevitable ingestion of my body weight in pescado tacos? Tequila. And not the kind drowning in a watered down sugary mix guaranteed to give you a bangin' headache the following day, either. I'm talking tequila and sangrita (the customary co-sip to tequila, duh). So per usual I'm justifying any and all purchases and deeming these really adult shot glasses totally necessary. Just remember: sip, don't shoot, K, guys?


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