Erin Heatherton

Model. New York

If there's one question that unites women everywhere, spanning all kinds of otherwise impenetrable barriers, it's the age old existential crisis-provoking thought...

"Should I get bangs?"

If you're anything like us, you too have found yourself in front of a mirror, half a bottle of wine in one hand, scissors in the other, many a time. And while we're all for a little divine inspiration, word to the wise: not everyone can pull them off with the same aplomb as Erin Heatherton. Like, at all.

Truth be told, we were a little taken aback when upon arriving at Heatherton's West Village apartment, she greeted us with a face full of wispy blonde bangs. But being on the receiving end of those baby Bardot vibes, we got on board real quick. The model gave us the full tour of her place—complete with an infrared sauna (#goals) and a Japanese soaking tub in her bathroom—before leading us to her immaculately arranged closet, where the real fun began. Laden with sleek Gianvito Rossi and Saint Laurent pumps and demure Tabitha Simmons and Chloé flats, and an impeccably indexed rack of sunglasses, our work was more or less cut out for us—and that's exactly the way Heatherton had intended for things to be.

Turns out, girl has a serious thing for interior design and decor when she's not busy plié-ing at Ballet Beautiful, walking for Jason Wu or fronting campaigns for Victoria's Secret and BLK Denim. She not only gutted and completely redesigned her entire space before moving in, she also built her dream closet situation from the ground up. And yes, her beauty game is equally tight (in case you couldn't tell by those bangs—Jennifer Yepez was on deck for maintenance), housed in an assortment of acrylic trays and organizers. Not bad for the girl that had never so much as thought of modelling before a fateful campus visit to the University of Miami as a junior in high school, huh?