How to Stash Like Rihanna

How to Stash Like Rihanna

Where to keep your green stuff, just in time for 4/20.

Hands up if this little vignette sounds familiar.

Your parents drop in for an impromptu visit (“Oh no, we’ll get a hotel room,” they insist when you offer to host them overnight, giving your framed taxidermied giant 5 horn beetle the side-eye). They’re lurking warily around your living room—which is also the kitchen and foyer, because millennials—asking you an supply of leading questions, when your mom stops mid-sentence. You see her x-ray vision home in on the Altoids tin sitting on the corner of your coffee table. Her maternal suspicions are firing on all cylinders: MARIJUANA MARIJUANA MARIJUANA.

“Sweetie,” she coos. “Can I have a mint?”

We’re not here to condone illicit substances or anything, but we’re not here to judge, either. What we can do is recommend these very functional and highly fashionable boxes and zip clutches that you don’t need to tuck away into a side table drawer when you host your WASP-y thrice-removed relatives for cocktails. As for what you put in them? That’s up to you.

And if you happen to enjoy the odd, er, herbal remedy (especially on 4/20), you might as well do it as the way Rihanna does—unapologetically, with PDA, and in style.

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