Alexander Fury

Fashion Editor & Critic, The Independent and iNewspapers. London

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson

We find it necessary (and hopefully you'll see why, too) to preface this with a little disclaimer: the contents below are less than one-tenth of the clothing and accessories in Alexander Fury's possessions. One-twentieth, even.

Our first shoot of our most recent trip to London, we arrived at Fury's Shoreditch apartment (one extremely lazy Uber ride away from our home for the week, The Ace) with bleary eyes and super-sized Sunday coffees in hand. Caffeine had nothing, though, on the immediate jolt we got when Fury lead us upstairs to his bedroom, which houses the five (that we could see) mammoth racks swelling with his personal collection of Prada, Lacroix, Dior and then some. Lets put it this way: shit got real, and quick.

Believe us when we say there's a method to the madness: Fury knows the exact spot on each rack for each specific piece, has a whole strategy around hangers and garment bags, and has an anecdote at-the-ready for almost everything. He's an OG fashion obsessive — although not quite in the same sense as bloggers with alliterative Instagram handles. You get the sense that he's someone whose consumption goes beyond the conspicuous and even past an occupational, sample-sale-fueled (although there's plenty of that, too) hazard. He's doing it all for the years he looked at fashion with a kind of wide-eyed fascination. "I collect old Galliano and new Prada, mostly. The latter is what I want to wear right now, the former is what I always wanted to have when I was growing up. My fourteen year old self would kill for the clothes I have now. That’s probably the motivation." Endearing, non?

More than anything, Fury's personal collection serves as a catalogue of references for everything that informs his work now. We mean, you don't become one of the industry's most respected and revered voices without having an encyclopedic knowledge of fashion that you can pull from at a moment's notice. The next time you worry you're squandering your time by staying up all night scrolling through '90s fashion shows on Tumblr, just remember: it's that kind of fervent learning that landed Fury gigs everywhere from SHOWStudio and Love Magazine to his current position at The Independent. In other words, "it helps to know your shit, trust your opinion, be ready to argue with people. Fight for what you believe in. Have an opinion, and express it fearlessly." Amen to that.