Editor's Picks: Return of the Jedi

Editor's Picks: Return of the Jedi

You don't need us to tell you how to shop... but we can help.

We like to shop. We're going to go out on a limb here and guess that you like shopping, too. What we really like, though, is snooping what other people are buying, contemplating buying, and going on to wear, use and love. With that notion, Editor's Picks was born: each week, we'll be breaking down the beauty products and fashion pieces that are taking up real estate in our digital shopping carts now. Oh, and don't mind us if we throw in a few not-so-material things in for good measure. We swear its synchronicity with pay day is only a coincidence.


Meagan Wilson

Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

"It's simple, really: I go hard for J.W. Anderson, and I love a good gold choker. Thus, I need this. Right?"

"The wisdom of legions of online beauty gurus isn't to be messed with. This eyeliner is the beauty product equivalent of a "well, duh"—it's a near-universal holy grail for a reason. While I had it in my regular rotation for a good while, I've since strayed and have inevitably ran into the usual symptoms of liquid eyeliners that aren't Stilas: they smear, run, smudge and lack the overall precision of this one. This stuff, though? You can literally rub your eye with pretty serious vigour and it won't budge and the felt tip marker stays sharp right to the bitter end. I'll be making my homecoming via online Sephora order this weekend."


Noah Lehava

Senior Editor

"I'll admit it, the second the temps rose above freezing, I ditched the socks and haven't looked back (even though the weather definitely has). Exposed ankles = summer, right? Okay, at least on Canadian standards. Since the risk of frost bite is long (kinda) gone, I'm thinking it's time to forgo public transit and take up city biking. I really can't imagine a better way to make my post-apocolypitic-winter cycling debut than with this Public C7 Bike. Think Walter could keep up?"

"I've been meaning to upgrade from my iPhone 5 to the 6 since it launched (who hasn't?), but I can't possibly justify it when my phone works just fine. That doesn't mean I haven't daydreamed about "accidentally" spilling my Americano conveniently with no rice in sight. It's things like this Vianel croc-skin case that send me into perpetual phone-casualty reverie. Soon, guys, soon."


Stephanie Mark

Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder

"A few seasons back, Jimmy Choo had a clutch with a screenprinted picture of the ocean on it, and it was love at first sight. I hemmed and hawed, and by the time I was ready to take the (proverbial) plunge and buy the bag—it was sold out everywhere. To this day I live with regret, so when I saw this amazing Charlotte Olympia clutch that ignited the same rush of endorphins—I remembered the lesson I had so painfully learned and now know I have to act fast."

"I have a theory—to be fair, you could call it a conspiracy theory—that when you wash your face you are never REALLY getting all of the makeup, pollution, and general grime off of your skin. The only thing that brings my heart rate down is to wash my face with a face cloth until there are no traces of dirt left when I pat my skin dry. After studying up on my Korean skincare, I now know that you should be extra gentle with your skin and have as little friction as possible, which left me in quite the cleansing predicament... When I stumbled upon these bamboo muslins they seemed like the perfect solution to making sure my skin is squeaky clean while still giving it the TLC it deserves."


Emily Ramshaw

Senior Editor

'I've been traveling constantly over the past few weeks to a mixed bag of climates (super hot and humid, to dry and cool) and on and off planes—it all does a number on my already fussy skin, let me tell you. Luckily, I brought along Charlotte Tilbury's newest products, her Goddess Skin Clay Mask, which was inspired by her childhood in Ibiza and its natural clay miracle skin saver. Bottled up and smelling like roses, the mask is still pretty miraculous, especially when it comes to plane ravaged skin. The mask pulls double duty: it detoxifies and moisturizes. I'm no goddess but following each application, my skin is damn soft."

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