Editors' Picks: The Inaugural Ish

Editors' Picks: The Inaugural Ish

Introducing our new shopping series; because we really like buying new sh*t.

We like to shop. We're going to go out on a limb here and guess that you like shopping, too. What we really like, though, is snooping what other people are buying, contemplating buying, and going on to wear, use and love. With that notion, Editor's Picks was born: each week, we'll be breaking down the beauty products and fashion pieces that are taking up real estate in our digital shopping carts now. Oh, and don't mind us if we throw in a few not-so-material things in for good measure. We swear its synchronicity with pay day is only a coincidence.



Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder

"I am literally head over heels for these Rochas sandals. I have long given up on wearing heels all day long, but these sandals will add instant polish to any outfit. This was an emotional decision and only slightly beat out these amazing Chloé sandals."

"I recently had a life changing facial at The Standard Spa in Miami. While I promised myself I wouldn't buy any products, at the end I just couldn't resist this moisturizer from Tata Harper. In the spirit of friendship, I must disclose that I also bought the face wash. The fashion month marathon of planes, different climates, hard water, soft water, wine and late night french fries has taken a serious toll on my skin and it was super dehydrated. This moisturizer isn't thick or sticky (a personal pet peeve), goes on very silky AND gives me a ton of hydration—I love it!"




Senior Editor & Social Media Manager

"I write this from my comfy bed at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, where we've just arrived for a week of shoots in London. In the name of treating myself for working over the weekend AND cashing in on that sweet, sweet VAT refund, I'm contemplating coming home with one of two (or both? Self control was never really my strong suit.) things: Stella McCartney lace-up flatforms, which I will proceed to literally spend the next six months living in, as I rarely take my current pair of metallic green faux-snakeskin sneakers off, or baby's first Acne leather jacket. TBD!"

"The following may be a little TMI, but context is crucial here. I recently weaned myself off birth control and my skin's gone haywire. I'm convinced the only thing leaving it with some semblance of a not-totally-volcanic appearance isn't the bevvy of masques and spot treatments I've been slathering on every night, but Eve Lom's TLC Cream. I take a few pats, warm up the lotion with my hands, slather it on and let it sink in. It's the equivalent of a cashmere blanket for your skin."




Senior Editor

“If you know anything about me it's that I have two major sartorial obsessions. The first one being shoes (I know, I know, it's not anything revolutionary), but seriously, I even had my hallway closet converted into a floor-to-ceiling shoe wardrobe. My other vice has to be sunglasses, because more so than a pair of shoes, they can completely change your look. The one that's caught my eye right now (see what I did there?), is Dior's So Real gold mirrored pair. They're so effing cool. I just need them in my life.”

“About a year ago, you would have never caught me leaving the house without some sort of bright super-concentrated lip. But when the whole bare-face-no-makeup-makeup look barred anything remotely colorful, I felt it was time to abandon my lipstick sidekick altogether. And I sure did. Now, with the seriously drab weather behind us, I'm due for a bit of tint in the form of Tom Ford's lip color in Flame.”




Senior Editor

“This week I was on a much needed vacation in Bali between works trips in Hong Kong and Beijing (I know, my life sounds terrible right now) and I wish I had this maillot with me. I've been following Solid and Striped for a few years now (their preppy nautical look is my summer go-to), but since their collaboration with Poppy Delevingne last year, they've exploded. I'm all about this classic one-piece, though—I've been hunting for the perfect scoop-back that doesn't have the super high-hipped Baywatch feel for years. This bathing suit, my Oliver Peoples sunglasses and an ice-cold mojito = :ok_hand: “

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