Big Sean

Rapper. Los Angeles

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson

It was pretty much your average Sunday: a handful of friends gathered around watching Netflix, pawing absentmindedly at a half-hearted game of Connect Four that had been discovered underneath the coffee table just moments before. Except, on this particular Sunday, the preceding scene was taking place at rapper Big Sean's. While he was getting his haircut and talking on his phone to his mom, no less.

Do you believe us now when we say our job can get a little weird?

Mind you, we'd also spent the past hour and a half covering what felt like every square inch of Sean's home in the hills—the same one he talks about in 'Deserve It'—from the three-foot-tall Bearbricks to arcade machines and monogrammed Louis Vuitton trunks and gold records with personal effects from his closet. It was just a few days after the official release of his latest album, Dark Sky Paradise and the evidence of Sean's creative process was still scattered across his recording studio—right down to the whiteboard where he'd been scribbling song titles, noting the finishing touches and the rearranging the order of the album's track listing.

Just as we'd wrapped up propping his pieces—his shelves on shelves of XXL Awards were layered with standouts from his shoe collection (including rare Raf Simons Adidas sneakers) and the graffiti'd canvas in his kitchen was topped off with a pair of destroyed-on-purpose Saint Laurent denim—Sean arrived home, and we got down to business. We cozied up in the rec room adjacent to his studio, chatting about everything from growing up in Detroit to the city's recent revival, while he got groomed. He revealed his favorite spots in our hometown of Toronto (turns out that much like Drake, Oprah and anyone else with functioning taste buds, he first stop is usually Sotto Sotto). A few quick post-shave portrait shots of Sean later, and we were out the door with shiny new copies of his album in hand. Best Sunday ever or best Sunday ever?