Deskside: Amanda Chantal Bacon

Owner, Moon Juice. LA

moon juice

moon juice
Welcome to Desksides, The Coveteur's brand-spanking-new series in which we sit down with leaders in various creative fields and figure out how they got there. We guess we could've also named this, "how the hell do I get your cool job," accompanied with a "help me I'm poor" GIF from Bridesmaids, but then realized going the mononymous route was a little more succinct.

We’ll have what she’s having. When it comes to an inner glow, Amanda Chantal Bacon’s is blinding — a side effect of all the organic cold press juices, magic milks, tonics and potions she’s churning out of her L.A. store. With two new locations and a book deal in the works, it’s obvious that there’s more to Bacon than some Coconut Kefir. We caught up with her in her Silverlake location to talk about opening the first Moon Juice while pregnant, finding balance in life, and the biggest perk of the job.
"Well everyone thought I was crazy because there weren’t juice places. There were juice bars at Whole Foods, but this was just prior to the whole cold-pressed-juice-craze and that idea that juicing was sexy. Juicing was not sexy. Everyone thought I was crazy. How could I just spend nine years of my life to a craft (ed. note: Amanda was a chef in a past life) and then just drop the whole thing and go make juice — everyone thought I had lost it and then I started to wonder if it was a crazy move. But it really came from my heart and it’s what I wanted to be surrounded by. It’s what I felt like I would want my children to be surrounded by. And I feel like it’s what the world needs."

moon juice
"I had just had a baby, so the first days of Moon Juice were crazy. From day one, we had a line out the door. I didn’t have a manager, didn’t know how I was going to do accounting... I didn’t anticipate the line out the door. Somehow I was thinking, I’ll be making the moon milk, I’ll be ringing people up with a baby strapped to my chest and everything’s going to be cool —like the slow and easy Venice Beach juice lane. No from day one it was full on, strap that baby tighter!"

moon juice
"The name Moon Juice was... well, it is a mystery. There was another name at first that didn’t totally resonate with me. I chose it because I needed to identify a name, get on with the project and figure out the logo. I just wasn’t feeling it. It was early in the morning and this beautiful vintage bus came out of the clouds (basically) and it had this beautiful mural of a full moon in the night sky. I was just standing there and it drove by and I was like ‘oh my god, Moon Juice!'. Everything inside me was like, 'that’s the name'. The moon is such a governing force on this planet— it really governs our moods, the tide and planting. Moon Juice doesn’t pertain specifically to cold pressed juice that we make, but Moon Juice more as a theoric potion. We don’t do just juice, we sell so much other stuff that juice is just one portion of the entire lifestyle."

moon juice
moon juice
“The best part of my life is that there is no average day. I do my meditation early in the morning at 6 A.M. 7 A.M., I had 12 vials of blood taken because I actually experiment on myself for all the products we sell and make. I’m regularly testing my blood, my cortisol levels and hormones. I really nerd out to this stuff! I am the human crystal science experiment for all these herbs and I back it up with blood tests. I’m shooting a new cookbook and went into my crystal shower, hacked up some coconut for the shoot. Then, later today I’m going to drive down and check out one of our stores and pop in, have a few interviews and then I go to the kitchen and check in on the office. Then I get on the red eye with my toddler and I’m going to speak at an event in New York, where we're hosting an Architectural Digest event. Its just wack-a-doodle. Everything’s happening all the time, and it’s amazing. Its like a total dream life but its non-stop, so I gotta keep drinking the juice and taking the minerals."

“I’m still in that moment. I haven’t really slept. I haven’t had a vacation. I’m just so go, go, go! I haven’t stopped for anything. The whole thing is so exciting, it’s a dream come true."

moon juice
"I feel like through providing these things, in the most genuine way I know possible, I’ve aligned with some cosmic force that really wants Moon Juice to be successful. It can reach as many people as possible. I feel like I’m in this line of the incredible infinite fire. I’ve put myself in this line by doing the best I can do and it feeds me so much love and energy and joy, so I can bring that to other people. I’m really high all the time, so yes, it’s the foods I’m eating and the delicious medicines and herbs, and all these things combined with just being aligned, being your life purpose and doing something good on the planet."

"There is no balance. I let go of that whole concept of finding balance because that was a little stressful. ‘Oh have I had a ‘me’ day? Do I need to slow down for my child? Maybe I should read a book.’ That just became too much to even think about, so I do my best to just keep it neutral and positive all throughout the day."
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