Kristen Noel Crawley

Jewelry Designer, KDIA. Los Angeles

By: Meagan Wilson
Styling: Meagan Wilson

With our apologies to the late, truly great Helen Gurley Brown; by now we've (hopefully) established that the notion of "having it all" is a tired, if not unduly limiting myth. In other words, something that doesn't really exist IRL beyond the confines of your great aunt's hopes for your future. But if balancing family, your social life, a thriving career and personal development-type perks like jet-setting around the world and, oh, we don't know, rubbing shoulders with Mr. Alaïa and building a considerable collection of Dior isn't pretty damn close to making that myth a reality, we don't know what is. And given that that pretty much describes the day-to-day of Kristen Noel Crawley—née Gipson—the Chicago born-and-bred jewelry designer, when we heard that she was (finally!) settled into her new home in Los Angeles, we jumped at the chance to come over for an afternoon and get acquainted with the, ahem, finer points of her wardrobe.

Crawley welcomed us clad in a white tee and slim-cut trousers by The Row and sporting her new, blunt crop (think Audrey Hepburn, if Audrey Hepburn lived among four-foot-tall Bearbricks and wore emoji jewelry), with her son, Baby Don, at her side. After giving us the full tour of her place (right down to Baby Don's Murakami-filled room), we quickly got busy in her closet—and that fabled (as far as prolific Instagrams can make something fabled) beauty cabinet, too. Immaculately organized, with each piece on pristine white hangers; her wardrobe was comprised of the sort of standout staples that make up her signature: one part straight-from-the-racks-of-Colette cartoon-ish whimsy, one part pulled-together Vogue Paris editor, one part avid Hypebeast subscriber. She has a serious thing for novelty pieces, too: a leather bound CHANEL bible, Louis Vuitton pumps with Perspex wedges, blue rubber-like Dior sneakers. You see how we want to be her now, right?

Nothing quite nailed Crawley's street aesthetic like her last look of the day, though, when she changed out of a well-worn Def Leppard concert tee and teal Balmain mini skirt and into Off White boyfriend jeans, a khaki-hued Fear of God bomber and a floral Céline bra top. After adding a few finishing touches (a blue Kansas City snapback, nude Manolos and a fistful of her namesake KDIA jewelry), we strolled with Crawley down her palm tree-lined street with just one question in mind: how the hell did she not move here sooner?


Stylist Assistant: Rachel Nagthall