What Oscar Day is Like for Felicity Jones’s Makeup Artist

What Oscar Day is Like for Felicity Jones’s Makeup Artist

From Sabrina Bedrani's 6 AM wake-up 'til she passes out post-ceremony.

When it comes to preparing for the Oscars (or any old red carpet, for that matter), it takes a village. But then, you already knew that from Rachel Zoe Project reruns and every single stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist ever profiled on this here site. It’s a business, man. But seriously. So it had us wondering… What exactly does a day like the Oscars look like for these people?

So while we were imagining super early mornings of stressed out inspiration sourcing and last minute product shopping, for Dior makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani who will be doing glam for Felicity Jones (ultimate English rose and all around aspirational human) this Sunday, it’s pretty much just another day at the office. Which, now that we think of it, makes a lot of sense… seeing as it’s her job and all. But just because we’re the nosey curious people that we are, we asked Bedrani to break down exactly what she’ll be doing on Oscar day, from the moment she wakes up until she finally passes out at night. So now you know.

6:00 AM:

Wake up and make coffee, a double espresso. Wake up slowly with my fiancé and three kids.

7:00 AM:

Take the dog for a walk with the kids. I live right behind Elysian Park—we walked there for 45 minutes to an hour.

8:00 AM:

Breakfast. Our Sunday tradition: crêpes.

9:30 AM:

Take a shower and get dressed.

I will likely wear jeans (Rag and Bone Capri are my favorite at the moment) and a nice top or t-shirt—something comfortable.

My makeup routine is very simple—I never have time for much. I cleanse my face with Crealine by Bioderma, Dior moisturizer (Hydra Life Pro Youth Silk Crème), Clé de Peau eye cream, Sisley sunscreen (Soin Solaire Global Anti-Age) and DiorShow Blackout Mascara.

10:00 AM:

I take over my whole kitchen to clean up my brushes, reorganize my kit and make sure I have all my essentials in order. I like to organize it by section to make sure I’m not forgetting anything: skin care and prep, eyes, lips, etc. Once I have an idea of what lip color I'd like to use, I narrow down my favorites. I will put them in a separate pouch so I don't waste time looking for it.

11:30 AM:

Farmers market with the whole family and their accessories (skate board, scooter, bike). The Atwater Village Farmers’ Market is closest to our house. They have great fresh produce; last Sunday we got strawberries, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and delicious kettle corn.

12:00 PM:

Quick bite at our new favorite spot, Dinette in Echo Park. My kids love the breakfast pizza, and the hot chocolate with marshmallows in it. We always get two of them—one for the kids and one for their dad—and I get the avocado on toast and a couple of quiches.


Go to work. We usually get ready in a hotel room somewhere in Hollywood; it takes me 30 minutes to get there.

1:30pm – 4:00 PM:

Hair and makeup.

I normally will have seen the dress prior to the day, even if it's just a photo of it, so I have a pretty good idea of what I would like to do for her makeup. But once we're all there we have a 5-10 minute chat and talk about what we're going to do. It’s always a collaborative effort. Even though the inspiration most often comes from the dress, it's all about everything working together. It's not about making a statement with the makeup or the hair—they have to compliment one another and not compete. And the key thing is for our client to feel comfortable, confident, relaxed and beautiful.

Once we all have decided on what to do, the hair stylist and I will double team, meaning work on our client at the same time. I will start by prepping the skin, with a serum (Dior Capture Totale), a primer and/or a pore refiner (Dior Pore Minimizer or Skin Refining Matte Primer).

Then onto the skin… I love the DiorSkin Nude Foundation because they are very sheer and let the skin breath through. I will then conceal any little imperfections with Laura Mercier concealer. Once the skin is done, I move onto the eyes and eyebrows. Then lips, blush and finishing powder.

Lastly, I prepare a little touch up kit for my client to take in her clutch. It will include DiorSkin Nude Compact Powder, some Tatcha blotting paper and whatever lipstick I end up using.

When it’s all done, we all have a celebratory glass of champagne and send our girl off.

4:00-4:45 PM:

Clean up and pack while watching the red carpet arrivals.

5:15 PM:

Get home right on time to watch the sunset with my family.

5:45/6:00 PM:

Dinnertime and bath time. I will have for dinner whatever my lovely man will make.

7:30 PM:

Kids' bedtime.

8:00 PM:

Light a fire, watch the pre-recorded Oscars and chill. We're leaving for a very well deserved family holiday the day after, so I will be packing for the whole family before going to bed. So we won't have anyone over this year to watch the Oscars. It will be just my boyfriend and I maybe with a glass of wine.

11:00 PM:

Go to a rave.... Just kidding: Go to bed. I brush my teeth, clean my face with Crealine by Bioderma and put on some eye cream.
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