altuzarra fall/winter 2015
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Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2015

Spring Studios. New York

We mean, we don't know about the designer himself. But, his “woman" (the one he envisions parading around Manhattan in his designs? It's always on her Tom Ford-tinged (an idol of Altuzarra's) mind. We mean, lets look at the designer's recent Fall 2015 collection, which we took in this weekend over at Spring Studios.

It's kind of like the exact inverse of Prada: rather than taking the objectively sexy and turning it on its head, Altuzarra takes the decidedly square and turns up the volume to 11... almost like a dare. A menswear-style tweed jacket that wouldn't look out of place on a golf course in the '70s (again, another key reference point)? Throw it over a fitted, sheer lace dress with a keyhole top and up-to-there slit and some doily-lined ankle booties — yeah, perfection. Ditto Victorian-era ruffles, which were instead added to gold-threaded cocktail dresses with plunging necklines. In other words, challenge accepted.

Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2015 by the Numbers


lush, jumbo-sized fox fur collars


pairs of knee-high boots


signature up-to-there Altuzarra slits


brand-new-spanking numbers from Altuzarra's debut bag collection to rearrange your budget over


oversized Lil'Kim-approved fur coats


mussed plaited and/or woven up-dos

altuzarra fall/winter 2015
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