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The Betty Halbreich Guide to Life

Bergdorf Goodman’s queen bee tells it like it is.

The Betty Halbreich Guide to Life
In the name of constant self-improvement and, ahem, education, come back every Wednesday afternoon for the next episode of our brand new Guide to Life series, featuring all sorts of wise friends. Think of it as TC self-help. See you next week, kids!

At this point, Bergdorf Goodman’s Betty Halbreich’s fount of wisdom is well known. (We like to think that her ‘Director of Solutions’ title doesn’t apply to just the wardrobe variety.) We mean, if you’ve read her memoir, I’ll Drink to That, or even our recent visit to her BG office (because you wouldn’t have missed that, right?), you know that on top of being fashion’s OG personal shopper, she moonlights as a psychoanalyst-cum-life counselor for her customers. And how could we not get in on some of that action? If there was ever one to give advice, Halbreich just might be it.
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