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2015 Horoscope: Scorpio

October 23rd - November 21st

2015 Horoscope: Scorpio
If you are a Scorpio, you may have many friends and contacts but in truth you will surround yourself only with those you trust, people who have proven over time their loyalty to you. Your list of contacts is so large that an observer might mistakenly assume you are quite the gregarious soul, but that is not quite true. The Scorpio woman needs a large amount of quiet, peaceful time to think and to balance the time she has been out circulating with others.

If you are a Scorpio, you may find parties draining due to all the small talk that is required, the reason you may either shun a large number of the invitations you receive, or go to the events, but only stay a short time. You do realize, on the other hand, that attending gatherings helps you get information about what is emerging in your industry before it ever is reported in the press, which can be very useful to your career. So you will go, but leave as soon as you have said hello to those you needed to see and meet. All the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are highly intuitive, and sense coming trends before they can put them into words. To get closer to what your intuition is telling you, you need solitude, for listening to that small voice within needs silence and reflection, and will never lead you wrong.

Scorpio is a master a business, for the gift that Scorpio carries within is knowledge of how to use power, authority and information extremely effectively. Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto teaches Scorpio to laser beam their energy in one direction, for the Scorpio woman knows that scattered energy is diluted energy. If in a sales situation, Scorpio will not list all the product benefits about the goods or services being shown, but rather hone in on the one or two points that the buyer has qualified as important for the sale, and that Scorpio can explain in depth. Scorpio is also very detailed, and excellent at doing research. You can never lie to a Scorpio—the Scorpio woman will spot the inconsistency immediately in what was said to her.

It’s not a surprise that the most powerful fashion magazine beauty editors are born under the sign of Scorpio. Anna Wintour (November 3) as head of Vogue is very typical of her sign, as the movie “The September Issue” revealed. Ms Wintour is decisive, powerful, and has a strong sense of authority about her. She is passionate about her work (a Scorpio hallmark) and displays a clear understanding about how business is done while still balancing “the separation of church and state.” By that, it is the editor’s job to balance the magazine’s need for advertising, while fiercely keeping the publication’s editorial pure, separate and untainted—free from the pressures of advertisers to give them special editorial treatment.

In one of the movie scenes, we see Miss Wintour at the table with elegant retailer Neiman Marcus and the designer Prada, and how designs that are wearable come to market by all those involved discussion. They talked about what styles, fabrics and price points would be most popular with the Vogue audience and Neiman Marcus shopper. Manufacturing (Prada), communication (Vogue) and retailer (Neiman Marcus) all have to be in sync. Scorpio is ruled not only by Pluto but Mars too, making this sign highly competitive and strategic. In fashion, Scorpio understands what it takes to bring an artistic idea to market in an aggressive industry and make it a profitable success.

It is no accident that the editors at the helm of two other highly successful US fashion magazines have Scorpio editors at the helm too, including Elle’s editor, Robbie Myers (November 10), and at Harper’s Bazaar, Glenda Bailey (November 16). I might add another powerhouse who is not in publishing but politics, Hillary Clinton (October 26) is also a Scorpio and certainly displayed a talent for negotiation and for wielding power as Secretary General of the United States.

Heels or Flats?

This year, you’ll be in stilettos. You have THE most exciting professional year in 2015 in over a decade, and you, above all the other signs, will have the biggest advantage and best aspects. This trend started July 2014, so you may have already seen evidence of how prized you are in the marketplace.  If not, you have plenty of time to make your mark. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will tour your tenth house of honors, awards and achievement until August 11.


Your Career Forecast:

Once Jupiter leaves, he will not be back until 2026. While you will continue to rise through the ranks, this year is the year you will have the opportunity to make a quantum leap. You will have all the help you need from VIPs and opportunity you used to only dream about will likely be presented to you. Influential big-wigs will go out of their way to see you do well, so don’t be shy about enlisting their help. You will be on display, so you will need to look every inch the position you are aiming to win. Look at the way other women executives in the firm, and see if you can glean a general look, then put your touch of sparkle over it, with a better fit, more modern style and cut and more interesting and up-to-date accessories.

After Jupiter leaves on August 11, you will enter your most social period you’ve seen since mid-2003 to mid-2004. You will make many new friends and contacts, and you should go out of your way to cultivate the friendship of people you meet that interest you. It will be a great time to join clubs, attend trade shows, conferences ands seminars, for when you go, you will extend your influence. Again, you will see and be seen, so you will need to look your very best. Romance will glow in March and then again at the end of August and early September. You have one busy year ahead!

Your Power Color:

Power colors for Scorpio always include black, purple, eggplant, maroon, the new color for 2015, marsala, burgundy and deep blue-red. The red tones are color emblems of a life lived forcefully, passionately and deliberately.  This year, it’s time to lighten up by mixing in pieces of pure, bright whites, along with pale pink, and icy lavender, especially this spring and summer. You love to wear black, dear Scorpio, but this year, so much opportunity will be opening up for you, it’s time to look—and dress—more joyously while still showing you’re the boss. If Anna Wintour can do that in floral silk designer dresses, you can too.


Your Best Feature:

The part of the body to show off in 2015 will be your luxurious, shiny hair. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs of the body, so of course, those are not ever going to be seen publically, but your crowning glory, your hair, is a symbol of fertility and will work well with the coming fashions. If it is not as thick as you’d like it to be, consult a specialty dermatologist for help. New techniques are there for you to try, so ask your doctor which one might be right for you.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, in beauty, Scorpio woman should always play up their large, hypnotic eyes. Water signs have the most expressive eyes, and Scorpio is no exception. The Scorpio’s woman’s gaze is a fabulously unfair advantage in the game of love—this is the perfect sign for the smoky eye and individually applied false lashes. Wear deep maroon or CHANEL Vamp nail polish.

Your Personal Style:

Water-sign Scorpio is never flashy, always understated. Her sexuality seethes and smokes, so to speak, quietly. Scorpio’s style is clean, simple yet, sensuous, sleek, sophisticated and with a look of power and authority, with no frills or distracting details. In fashion, the Scorpio woman loves neutrals and feels that having a few well-cut “uniforms” that feel comfortable and looks smart is the way to go. A uniform simplifies the Scorpio woman’s life. Her reserved, low-key look also helps the world focus the attention on her rather than on her outfit.

Warm and intense in nature, yet mysterious and romantic, the Scorpio woman could be heartbreaker in love, but usually chooses not to be because she’s also very loyal. If you are a Scorpio, you know your sign is the so-called “sexy sign” but you always dress elegantly, for you know well that the line between coming across as a lady verses a titillating and tacky woman of the night can be, at times, as thin as the width of a snowflake. You are careful never to cross that line.

You demand clothing versatile and classic enough to be capable of many re-incarnations through various seasons and fashion cycles. Your ruler, Pluto, is the planet of regeneration and helps you reinvent your look through clever tailoring and resourceful use of accessories. Your sign is associated with leather, so the Scorpio woman appreciates good leather products, and your wardrobe would reflect your good taste in handbags, shoes, leather coats, jackets and coats.

For an evening look the Scorpio woman would sparkle in the little black dress, or for variety, a cocktail dress in navy, deep purple or the new color for 2015, marsala, the color that seems to come straight from the spice market, the hue of a deep, earthy red wine, reflecting your passion for living. You tend to choose form fitting, sexy short cocktail dresses to show off your small waist and pretty legs.



Think of a body of water viewed by night, black as ink, unfathomably deep, and you can sense the legendary depth of both Scorpio’s emotional depth and corresponding air of mysteriousness. We look at this body of water, grateful we need not swim in it or ride a small boat across it, for at night that body of water inexplicably evokes a certain sense of fear. It is as if this body of water could somehow swallow us in one quick gulp, without ever making a sound, leaving no trace of us behind. Who knows what lurks beneath the surface—the Lochness monster perhaps? At night, the imagination takes flight.

Scorpio’s primary ruler, Pluto, rules darkness, and governs all things hidden and out of reach. Scorpio somehow has a way of conjuring up these type irrational fears, but alas, Scorpio can never live fully up to their somewhat frightening reputations. In truth, Scorpio is quite like the rest of us but because they are not talkative, we’re left to make our own assessment.

As the zodiac’s most talented listener, the Scorpio woman will reveal as little about herself, imparting information to you on a “need to know” basis. After your conversation, thinking back, you will realize you learned very little about her, but she learned a great deal about you. It’s no wonder Scorpio makes such legendary spies.

Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, teaches Scorpio to be secretive, silent and discrete. Mystery and the unknown sometimes stir up fears in us like in a horror movie, for no real reason other than our own psychological projection. Scorpio understands this, and sometimes will use this irrational fear to her advantage, but only rarely. A great deal has been said about the Scorpio penchant for revenge, but that is simply not true, for it seems to be an urban legend that has gone out of control. The truth is, if you look up information on the scorpion, you will learn that they use their stings to capture prey and to defend themselves. The scorpion will not sting unless provoked or feel threatened. All scorpions use their stings as a defense mechanism. Not all scorpion stings are lethal; only certain varieties and types of scorpion, the most dangerous species being the Bark scorpion.

You see, we all need to relax about knowing and befriending Scorpios. A more apt symbol for Scorpio is the winter root vegetables that this sign rules, vegetables that grow completely underground, sight unseen. This sign rules all things hidden under the surface, including buried treasure. This sign produces superb detectives and legal prosecutors, for Scorpio is uncanny in her ability to get to the truth. They will keep digging until they reach it.

While out and about in the public eye, you may appear prim or all business, underneath, there is a whole other story. You may be the classic femme fetal, wearing all black lace, from black bra, panties and garter belt (Scorpio is not called the sex sign for no reason). This is so typical of Scorpio—to be the demure lady on the surface but a thriving sexpot underneath. If you were expecting to see Dolly Parton, forget it. Scorpio knows how to keep her privacy, and in line with that, you feel her sexual side is none of your business. Once attached, you will be loyal and passionate as you can be, and building a cocoon of warmth and discretion around her lover. But prior to that, you will never see her flaunt herself or her intentions to the world. This is not a girl that would ever kiss and tell either—she is horrified by those who do.

Scorpio simply does not waste energy—all of it is pinpointed and laser-focused. You will spend freely for quality, but the outfits, home furnishings and even the car you buys are likely to be simple and classic, with strong lines and lacking in distracting details. You especially like the idea of things that last and that also have many new incarnations as fashion runs through its cycles. This comes from her ruler, Pluto, the planet of regeneration and rebirth.

Pluto teaches her to be a virtual magician about making her quality wardrobe look continually new and fashionable all the time. You is also distinguish yourself from the other signs by your love of leather, looking to acquire only the finest, thinnest, most buttery, irresistible-to-the-touch leather you can find. When you wear your gorgeous new leather jacket, over black pants, and a cashmere turtleneck, your dark sunglasses make you a fashion icon--so simply!

In your leisurewear, because you are so drawn to uniforms, in her spare time you may surface as solider in combat garb. Your secondary ruler (her sign has two) is Mars, signifying “the one who protects and defends.” You have a terrific sense of humor, so looking like an urban guerilla in khaki, fatigues or an olive green jacket might just help you step out of her usual role in a weekend, and allow you to relax and let go. But yes, occasionally you will go the other way, and be as outrageously sexy as only the Scorpio woman can carry off. But you will do so only in the evening and never cross the line into trashy. Scorpio knows the difference.

Finally, when it comes to her fashion style for work, iit may help to know that the reason Scorpio loves “uniforms” is that she can slip into easily, without thinking too much about what to wear that day. Thus when selecting her wardrobe of neutrals, dear Scorpio, you can be sure others will pay attention to you and not what you are wearing. She does not want to be forgotten, but in love, with your legendary gaze, there was never a chance of that. A Scorpio woman is hauntingly memorable, etched into other’s psyche forever.

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