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2015 Horoscope: Leo

July 23rd - August 22nd

2015 Horoscope: Leo
As a Leo, you are the ultimate sign of sophistication. You appreciate fine design, and in purchasing clothing, you are more likely to opt for a small number of designer pieces than a closet full of lesser threads. This is not to say that Leo doesn’t mix high and low with the mastery of an experienced editor—you can and you do, often. Leo loves cultural activities such as art openings and charity benefits, so you need a varied wardrobe for evening as well as for office and weekend relaxation and play.

International model Cara Delevingne is a Leo (August 12) and very typical of her sign. Eternally elegant no matter what she effortlessly puts on, and only 22 years of age, Cara has done more and travelled more in her young years than most people do in a lifetime. This London-born beauty is known to have a spirited, “disruptive” side and is very brave and confident, perhaps stemming from growing up with a distinguished family pedigree, reaching back generations. Although not technically royalty, many would say Cara comes close.

Heels or Flats?

This year, 2015, you can stock up on those beautiful stilettos by Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, or any other shoe designer you adore. You are now in your most fortuitous year of your life, the best in twelve years, so you must be out and about, meeting and greeting, and showing your face to the world. It’s time to show your ideas for funding, for chances are, you will get what you seek. Jupiter, the lucky, happy planet, will be in your sign until August 11 of this year, so be sure to plant seeds, for some will grow sky high later in the year when Jupiter moves to Virgo. You are coming into quite a bit of money—all generated by your efforts, and all relating to the efforts you made in the first part of this year and reaching back to last July.

What to Flaunt:

The spine. Many Leos have beautifully developed, muscular, strong backs, so you may want to find a gorgeous backless dress that highlights your best asset. Remember Hillary Swank, a Leo, in her navy backless gown by Guy Laroche that she wore when she won the 2005 Oscar for best actress in Million Dollar Baby? She proved a gown need not have sequins or stones to get attention. The first part of 2015 is also going to be divine for finding love (prior to August 11), so slip on your favorite pumps, wear that form fitting bandage dress, put on those gorgeous earrings, and make that entrance. If you are attached, your sweetheart or spouse will fall in love with you all over again. Who could possibly resist you, dear Leo?

Your Personal Style:

As a Leo woman you do everything on a large scale—nothing you attempt is done gingerly or half-heartedly. When it comes to luxury, as a Leo, you raise the bar to the ultimate high. Only the best will do, for Leo demands it. Perhaps your secret for dressing so well has to do with your healthy ego and willingness to make a striking entrance, whether at a charity ball, at the office, or at a restaurant to meet friends.

“Why buy three lesser outfits when you can find one great one?” you ask. You are right, for you need only a few outfits in your closet that are fit for a queen—they will make you so much happier than settling for second best. At times this approach may require a king’s ransom (or at the very least a trust fund) but somehow you manage to find a way to do what you need to do. Your adoring public is grateful that you do!

Your evening look is a grand Dior ball gown in purple or scarlet for an entrance at the Oscars. Leo adores making an entrance.



 Leo's ruler is the Sun, center of our solar system, and giver of life and strength. All living things are dependent on the Sun for its warming sustenance. It follows that Leo would be a sign that would be associated with leadership and royalty.

Ruling the fifth house of the horoscope, Leo is though to be one of the most supremely creative signs, and the Leo woman is usually remarkably talented with her approach to color and design. The theatre and other areas of entertainment is where Leo has free reign to express herself, but her talent can be applied to all areas of her life, including fashion. Have you ever noticed how designers call their creations “costumes”? Of course! Designer clothes are ruled by Leo!

Being ruled by the Sun, it seems appropriate that the Leo color is not only a hue but also a precious metal—gold. Her tones of gold come in any form: brilliant, scintillating or subtly burnished and antique. Leo being the second and more established fire sign is also associated with bright, deep orange, absolutely unfathomably beautiful scarlet, crimson and purple, colors deemed for a king or queen. Gold, however, remains Leo’s primary color, the essence of their ruler, the Sun. It is no coincidence that King Louis XIV called himself The Sun King.

Saying that Leo needs to be noticed may be an understatement. Leo is the lion, the king of the jungle, and as such, demands respect. This is particularly evident in the Leo lady’s choice of bridal gown. As a Leo, you would opt for a warm white dress with extensively long train and an equally long cathedral veil. Her wedding ring was probably designed especially for her. Leo rules, enjoys, and occasionally demands, expensive things. Leo loves to make an entrance, and the more formal, the better. You adore black tie events, such as a night at the opera or a benefit fund-raiser. You will also want to “see and be seen” at the latest clubs. How else to get good wear from her beautiful clothes?

Gold is the color of afternoon sun settling on a hot summer landscape at the very pinnacle of summer, the time of Leo’s birth. Italian painters from the Siena period used real gold to bring a memorable richness to their paintings. Gold is the color of an angel’s luxuriously curly hair as well as their beautiful, glowing halo. Today we say that those with locks of gold—blondes—have more fun. This could be true, for Leo rules the 5th house of pleasure and games!

Throughout the ages, gold and the economy of nations have been linked. It has filled the coffers of pirates and the vaults of governments. Many people invest in Krugerands, gold trinkets or jewelry with the knowledge they can be easily pawned for cash on a rainy day. Gold will always have value. The gold watch, round as the summer Sun, is both the symbol of reward for the college graduate and, for a retiree, a token of thanks for a lifetime of achievement. The Gold Rush proved how alluring this metal can be, quickly attracting a whole slew of settlers for a brand new nation. Gold, like Leo, is special and always will be valued by people of every culture.

Leo’s other color, purple, is considered the color of kings. In days of feudal fiefdoms, purple dye was exceedingly hard to come by, and thus, by reason of its dearth became royalty’s darling, used not only in royal ceremony but for religious ritual as well. Rich crimson and scarlet red, also was deemed fit for this powerful sign. These colors served another good purpose, for they allowed the commoners to quickly spot rulers who wore these hues from afar. These were rare and expensive dyes that we hard to come by, so they were worn only by royals or those involved with the religious.

When you think of Leo, think of the flowers of their sign, fields of marigolds and sunflowers, poppies, or pots of bright orange-red amaryllis. It is no coincidence that the setting sun in summer is surrounded by a sky slashed with scarlet and purple. These are also the colors of ripened grapes, the wine and of the fruits of summer, including juicy plums, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. The gold so aptly representative of the Leo woman is the color of the thickly sweet golden honey produced by the busy bees that buzz through summer’s garden.

In terms of fashion, Leo wants to be respected and remembered. The need to be admired for good taste and being fashionably “smart” is indigenous to Leo and a major key to understanding this sign. Complements make their heart patter. Appropriately, not only does Leo rule the spine, but Leo, also rules the heart, the center of the human body. This also fits, as the Sun is the center, or heart, of the solar system, and Leo is good natured, gregarious, generous, humorous, and fun loving. Your gift to the world is that you teach us that there is more to life than hard work—it should be full of laughter and creative enterprise.

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