2015 Horoscope: Cancer

June 22nd - July 22nd

2015 Horoscope: Cancer
Cancer is considered a dearly loving sign that is very attached and devoted to family. A Cancer will do literally anything for a family member in need, and will immediately rush to the side of a parent or other immediate to offer support, assistance and nurturing, heart-felt love, always putting personal needs aside. Many Cancers have sacrificed much for family, such as moving close to an aging parent to make sure only the finest care is given to that person. Many Cancers work in the family business, or if not, are quite affected by both positive and untoward events that occurred in the family while growing up, and those feelings often continue into adulthood and shape the individual's perspective on the world.

Lindsay Lohan (July 2), a true Cancer beauty, certainly is a good example of how family has shaped her persona. Cancer will unconsciously mimic family behavior, but if the parents have failed her, will suffer until she can find a way to wrangle free of her family history of hurts and injustices, taking with her the finer parts, and set off on her own independent course. The house of the home is found at the very bottom of the chart, where the number 6 would be found on the face of a clock. To Cancer, if the home is not stable, their whole world continues to rock to and fro until it is stabilized. It is hard for the Cancer to think about anything else until harmony is accomplished. Water sign Cancers' sensitivity and closeness to their feelings make them natural talents as actors. Cancer identifies so closely with the character that they bond closely and actually become the character. You always will see many Cancers on the red carpet and nominated for awards, for their artistic side is strong.

Speaking generally, most children in the world would want a Cancer parent. Cancer parents are loving, nurturing, intuitive, and always there to offer wise advice and a caring, sympathetic ear. Cancer parents dote on their children tenderly—witness Cancer Prince William and his princess, Capricorn Kate Middleton, with her Cancer moon—both make wonderful parents to little Prince George, and will be equally loving to George’s coming sibling.

Your Power Color:

Cancer colors mirror those of the sea and moonlight, including silvery whites, palest, almost white grays, pale, smoky grey-blues and luminous silvery tea greens.

Heels or Flats & Career Forecast:

This year, Cancer needs to wear heels. A lot of money will be flowing in to you, dear Cancer, and it will come to you as reward for hard work, as earned income. Indeed, this will be one of your finest financial years in over a decade. You will have the money to pay off debt, to save, travel and also to treat yourself to new designer clothes and shoes. Your career will be important to you, so have fun wearing a variety of pretty pumps. In the second half of 2015, you will need flats, comfy slip-on Vans or all-weather hiking boots, for you’ll have Jupiter coaxing you to travel to close-by villages, towns and cities. This suggests you may rent a cottage in an elegant location for relaxing weekend getaways this fall or winter. This travel one is a big one, and you may decide to buy a new car. (Avoid purchasing any electronic, machine or car when Mercury is retrograde, September 17 to October 9; best day to buy a car: August 26.)

Your Best Feature:

Cancer is known to have beautiful complexion and soft translucent skin. Cancer rules the breasts, so play up your assets with an evening dress designed to show off your lovely décolleté . (Of course, you’ve cared for it with special creams each night.) Use an illuminator or face powder with subtle shimmer to reflect your legendary radiant and translucent skin.

Your Personal Style:

Cancer’s fabrics are highly feminine, soft and primarily those with a subtle luminosity (reminiscent of your ruler, the moon and its silvery light). Fabrics you would love include silk taffeta, raw silk, satin, silk charmuse, organza and for day, thin pima cotton and silky rayon. [Favorite designers are] very feminine and girly, like Oscar de la Renta or Valentino. Satin cigarette pants worn with glittery top would be one great look. Actress Emma Stone wore a Lanvin jumpsuit to the Golden Globes 2015, with slim pants and a gorgeous beaded top, with bustle in back—that would be a great look too. Or choose an embroidered pale grey chiffon evening gown or one like Reese Witherspoon wore at the Golden Globes, a Calvin Klein strapless gown in subtle silver sparkle. For daytime, Cancer, you may love the classic look of a shrunken, short tweed jacket, simple shell or tee, jeans, heels and ropes of pearls, à la Coco Chanel.



When you think of Cancer, think of moonlight, so silvery, sparkling, iridescent and opalescent. Think of silvery blue and silvery greens, smoky or silvery gray, tones you find inside your favorite seashell or inside a clam shell, holding Cancer’s gem, the glimmering pearl. The ancient astrologers assigned pure white, too, to this sign, reminiscent of the moon, Cancer’s guardian.

If you remember your high school astronomy lessons about the stars and planets, the earth’s moon has no light of its own, but perfectly reflects the light of earth. In similar fashion, Cancer reflects the light of others easily, and thus is strongly picks up on and is influenced by the emotions of others. It is no wonder that Cancer is easily hurt, for this sign is exquisitely attuned to what others say and think, not only by their words, but also in gesture, through body language.

Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac, thought to be especially sympathetic, sentimental, and—because the changes of the moon are so frequent—moody. Being the most nurturing sign, it is not surprising that the hue assigned to them, white, is also the color of mother’s milk, our ultimate symbol of comforting love. Going a step further, Cancer rules the breasts, and her supple cleavage, shown softly and elegantly in form-fitting clothing or lacy bra, is usually unforgettable.

For Cancer, the sign ruling the protection and sanctity of family, home and tradition, tones of white seems to be especially fitting. White is the hue of beginnings, purity of heart and of innocence. When you think of Cancer, think of the satin and tulle of a ballerina’s dress, the creamy white shoulders of a debutante, or the snow white outfit of a child making her first communion. Think of a bride’s bouquet of white roses, lilies, or gardenia. See in your mind a white landscape after a full nightfall of heavy snowfall, frozen white lakes under a sprinkling of diamond-white stars that dot the velvet black sky. Think of white lace on a white linen hankie, downy soft feathers, or dusting of confectionery sugar on just-baked cookies, warm from the oven.

People emerging from near-death experiences speak of seeing a glowing white light. White is radiant, honest, often religious in its overtones, and always full of hope. This is true because “whiteness” is the opposite of darkness. Virgin white is untouched by others, so it goes that white reflects our own true nature, revealing our soul and our purest emotions. Assigning white to Cancer is logical for it is the sign in charge of personal emotion and the internal life of the soul. White is part of some of life’s most important rituals, for white emits clean energy. It is the sum total of all the colors in the rainbow.

In fashion, a Cancer is unabashedly feminine, always managing to appear enchanting, delicate and elegantly seductive.

Lightweight layering, especially in soft dresses, is particularly suitable to you, dear Cancer. The Cancer woman adores real pearls and makes them look right all the time, in any season or time of day, and no matter what she is wearing—even jeans. If this all seems a bit dressy, perhaps it is, for after all, Cancer’s time of day to shine is the star-lit, moonlit dead of night of any season, the magic hour when the Cancer woman becomes her most enticing and enchanting.
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