Shourouk Rhaiem

Shourouk Rhaiem

Designer. Paris

Pop quiz: what costs more than your rent, will cover some appendage of your being in blindingly-bright Swarovski crystals and causes you physical pain every time you spy one in the What's New section of Net-a-Porter? If you answered 'Shourouk,' you're not only right, but are also probably one of the select few who can relate with spending significant portions of our lunch hour deliberating over pressing 'buy' on a bedazzled sweatband.

Needless to say, the line's namesake designer, Shourouk Rhaiem, lives in the exact kind of Paris apartment you'd expect—if you could even dream it up to begin with. Surrealist Fornasetti candle holders and brightly-hued Cire Trudon littering one corner, Tunisian tapestries and embellished sugar skulls peeking out from the other. The same eclectic mix extended to the designer's wardrobe, with an extensive collection of Miu Miu and Prada pieces and the results of a seriously dedicated vintage habit taking up equal parts real estate in her closet.

On the beauty side, it turns out the designer maintains the sort of routine you could hear about for hours, all wide eyes and propped up elbows. While she copped to a considerable Santa Maria Novella obsession and spilled the recipes of a few good-enough-to-eat, all-organic-everything DIY detox beauty treatments, she also agreed on our stance on a bright lipstick being the key to getting away with virtually anything. "I don't use very much makeup, just a vibrant red-orange lipstick, to make yourself look put-together in a second," she exclaimed. Mine’s the Trafalgar (844) Rouge Dior Lipstick." The real prize, though? Getting a sneak peek of a few of Rhaiem's pet projects and upcoming collections. Y'know, like that mustard-tinged tweed pencil skirt bedecked in her signature bijoux or the blinged-out basket weave bag our summer picnics (okay, fine, smuggling-wine-into-the-park-afternoons) are officially no longer complete without. Yeah, we're pretty sure a healthy dose of Shourouk is the sartorial equivalent of an SSRI.