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9 Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

The founders of Sakara Life coach us on how to be mindful while we're away—without being total killjoys.

9 Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation
If you're like us, than all the consciousness about being good to yourself and your body comes before vacation (a.k.a. before you're going to be seen in a bikini—oh, and there's a cleanse for that, too). And then, when we actually start the vacay, it kind of goes all Spring Break blurry—at least when it comes to the way we treat our bodies (laying on the beach for 12 hours a day) and diets (a pile of guac and chips for seven straight days is totally a nutritious meal plan, right?). But what if we actually wanted to maintain our (pseudo) wellbeing while on vacay? Paging Sakara Life founders Whitney and Danielle! Actually though, 'cause while they have essentially become our go-to health gurus, they also aren't afraid to sit back and relax and just have a really great time. In fact, they encourage it. What can we say, they're our kind of girls. Herein, their tips on how to get the most out of your vacation—turns out time off is actually good for you. We mean, in that case, we'll take double. 

"There’s no SoulCycle at the airport, no Juice Press on the plane, and you can’t fit a refrigerator full of Sakara meals in your carry on (although it is our favorite travel food…). What’s a jetsetting Sakaralite to do? Ramp up the love and get ready to HEAL!"


1. Stop telling yourself you’re going to fall off the wagon.

Because first of all: there is no wagon, so there’s nothing to fall off of. All there is is life, and life flows and ebs in the ways it is meant to move. Your lifestyle on vacation may be night and day from your life back at home, but that in no way shape or form means you’ve fallen off something. If anything, we see that as taking flight! No matter where you go, or for how long, there are always always options to help your body thrive while you are there. A lot of times, we convince ourselves that we’re on vacation, so obviously there’s nothing healthy to eat, so we might as well go all out and deal with the repercussions once we are back in our routine. How many times have you heard I was in Italy, all there was to eat was pasta, pizza, and bread! Um, have you looked at Italian women? How you treat yourself on your vacation is ENTIRELY in your hands and you have everything you need to feel great throughout. You can incorporate fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, water, sleep, and love into your vacation if you choose to.

2. Splurge when and where it’s worth it.

You know we’re not going to say to stay away from all pasta and stick to nothing but salads, but we are going to advise you to choose wisely. Get the pasta when it’s that in-house, famous, ooey-gooey, out of this world pasta that your body is craving. But don’t feel like you NEED to get it everywhere you go just because you’re on vacation. When it’s just any old meal, use this opportunity to get in some fresh fruits and vegetables. Not a breakfast person? Use each morning as an opportunity to fuel your body with the stuff that is going to help it handle everything else coming its way: smoothies, oatmeal, fresh fruit, nuts and any superfood you can get your little hands on!

3. Eat greens everyday.

Are there greens on the menu? Get them. Sometimes they’ll be your full meal, other times they’ll be a side dish, appetizer or dessert, but either way, do not think twice about it. Yes, I’d like a side of spinach with my burger and fries. These greens will help balance your body, hydrate your cells and keep it running optimally, so that it can do its thang.

4. Come prepared.

If you know your meals and alcohol intake are going to be all over the place, bring things that will help your body stay in tip top shape. A little bit of planning goes a long way when it comes to boosting your body’s natural abilities to handle whatever you bring its way. Our favorite supplements to travel with are Floracor (a prebiotic-probiotic blend that helps keep your digestion roaring) and CALM Calcium + Magnesium supplement (relaxes your muscles, soothes stiffness, and helps ensure your elimination stays as regular as those pina coladas). We just created the ultimate superfood pantry pack that we now take with us everywhere we go. Cute little glass jars filled with 9 different superfoods. Takes a plain breakfast or simple salad to a body-loving delight. All you need is spirulina (check!), hemp (check!), chia (check!) and banana (easy to find) a blender (usually in the kitchen) and voila! Your vacation just got a whole lot sexier.

5. Stay hydrated.

Holiday boozing, cold weather chills and cramped airplane climates are a sure combo for dehydration. And when you’re visiting museums all day, laying on the beach, or dancing into the wee hours of the night, it’s just too easy to forget to drink water. Not only does dehydration make you tired and foggy in the brain, but the feeling of being thirsty is so often confused with the feeling of hunger and, therefore, leads to overeating and snacking. Plus, cold weather sickness is rampant at this time of the year and traveling often takes a toll on your immune system, so it is essential that you drink a lot of fluids to detox your system and flush out any germs! Add some lemon to your water to help your cells absorb the hydration and give a nice detoxing boost to your day.

6. Catch up on sleep.

The holidays are chaotic and it’s easy to let sleep fall to the bottom of your priority list. Add time difference, travel, holiday stress and parties to the mix—our eyes are feeling heavier and heavier just thinking about it. The good news is, vacation is a time for you to refocus your energy on sleep! Don’t feel guilty about it, embrace it. Choose to go to sleep early and rise early if you are looking to fill your days with activities, or allow yourself the luxury of sleeping in if you have got some wild nights ahead of you. Naps are always encouraged. It’s vacation. You deserve it. And your body is going to be so rejuvenated if you allow yourself to indulge!

7. Stay active.

The beautiful thing about vacation is that movement is embedded into your life. Whether it’s walking through European streets, swimming in the ocean, or dancing with your hair flowing down your back, your body is moving and grooving regularly throughout the day. If you find yourself beach bumming, take a walk on the beach every now and then or coerce your friends into doing some beach yoga. Take advantage of the fact that you aren’t strapped to a desk and get your body out into the world. Connect physically.

8. Start everyday IN your body.

Wake up and notice your body first thing in the morning. How does your breath feel moving through it? Where do you feel sensation? What is it telling you right off the bat? One of the biggest mistakes we can make in our journey to optimal health and wellness is hiding from our bodies. Hating them, putting up barriers to feel further and further away from them, burying them underneath layers and avoiding mirrors. Jump into that beautiful body of yours, live in her consciously and send her LOVE. Not only will this lead to more loving decisions later in the day regarding what you decide to put in your body, but how you treat your body is reflected in how your body will treat you, so a little love goes a long way. You want your body rooting for you—trust us.

9. Throw yourself into the relaxation.

There is nothing better for you in this world than relaxing in your body. Good sleep, sunshine on your skin, fresh air, a disconnect from work, the cyber world and the go go go nature of your everyday will heal you in ways and at a speed in which you cannot even imagine. It’s powerful stuff. So before you leave for vacay, get excited! No matter where in the world you are traveling to and how you will be spending your time, you are about to embark on a wellness retreat! Get your mind ready for some serious healing.

Photographed by Caitlin Mitchell

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