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How to Deal with Static

5 hacks that will get you through (another) unfortunate side effect of winter.

How to Deal with Static
There’s a lot of reasons why, as winter threatens, we like to burrow away, hibernate and forget about the world until margaritas are an acceptable daytime libation again (read: temperatures are north of 60 and the sun shines more than once a month). That our shoes start to resemble salt licks and that it’s just so goddamned cold isn’t even the half of it. But there are also side effects that we completely forget about until December is upon us. Like, for example, unavoidable and seemingly uncontrollable static, where the simple removal of a Shrimps stole will render your hair something that looks like a science experiment gone wrong. So in the interest of avoiding that awkward moment when you walk down the hallway at work only to notice that your silky midi skirt is clinging uncomfortably to your legs when you arrive in the restroom, we have sourced static commandments—Cov-style static guard, if you will.

1. Thou shalt never be without dryer sheets.

"To battle static, I find it effective to rub a dryer sheet over the garment. I’m also a fan of Downey Wrinkle Releaser—just give the garment a quick spray and let it dry for a few minutes. In addition to reducing wrinkles, it helps with static cling.” —Caley Lawson Rinker, styles Kelly Osbourne, Lauren Cohan and Gillian Jacobs

2. Thou shalt use your ugly wire hangers for good.

“To combat static, you can try the back of a spoon or wire hanger—it absorbs some of the extra charge.  Also, try pinning a few safety pins to the inside hem of your skirt. Or, if you have a spray bottle on hand, fill it with water and gently spray the problem area." —Tara Swennen, styles Kristen Stewart, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Emily Ratajkowski

3. Thou shalt apply cream…to your hair.

"I like to use a thick cream based product to prevent static hair drama! My favorite right now is Kevin Murphy Easy Rider. For something a little lighter, I love Oscar Blandi Glossing Cream. A little goes a long way and they both smell delicious!" —Kylee Heath, hair styles Sofia Vergara, Diane Kruger, Rashida Jones

4. Thou shalt treat your hair with care.

“Don’t over dry your hair and don’t use plastic brushes and combs—natural bristles or metal combs are good and try not to over brush. In winter or especially dry climates, use a light daily conditioner on the mid shaft to ends everyday. Or use a light weight leave-in conditioner—I love Kevin Murphy Staying Alive spray conditioner. Using an ionic blow dryer should help, they emit negative ions which should reduce the positive charge of the static.” —Simone Otis, Joe Fresh beauty consultant, makeup artist

5. Thou shalt use what is available.

“In a pinch, water will work. Spritz a little water on the staticy hair or use damp fingers to tame the stubborn fly aways. Spray a little Static Guard on your comb or brush—it doesn’t smell fantastic but it works. Oribe Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher will do the same as the Static Guard, but smells delicious…at a price.” —Simone Otis, Joe Fresh beauty consultant, makeup artist
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