Julie Budet

Lead Singer, Yelle. Paris

By now we're all more than familiar with the Parisian uniform that Tumblr and Pinterest folklore is made of: impossibly skinny leather trousers or dark denim, cuffed over a pair of classic Saint Laurent pumps, a worn-in-just-so blouse or tee and leather jacket or slightly shrunken blazer. You know—the Emmanuelle Alt special. But there's also a more off beat, playful side of French style that is so rarely mused about and obsessed over at the same level. Think: Olympia Le Tan's twee-meets-subversive line of accessories, the thoughtful tchotchkes and kooky illustrations that outfit Colette, pretty much anything ever by Yaz Bukey. And it's that latter, impish facet of French style that informs the day-to-day wardrobe of Julie Budet—who you may better know as Yelle, which you may better know as the moniker of your favorite electropop act. C'est bon, non?

Welcoming us into her suite at Hotel Tour d'Auvergne during Paris Fashion Week after a day packed with back-to-back press appointments and performances, we made ourselves right at home rooting through the contents of Budet's suitcase. And while we found a treasure trove of pieces and separates from an extensive list of up-and-coming indie French designers, for us, it was Budet's collection of killer, quirky sweatshirts (highlights include one with sequinned ramen, another with beaded red crawfish and a dizzyingly-printed Kenzo number) that really hit home.

That said, Budet's tastes seemed to be comprised of a strong affinity for the classics, too, what with a classic chain-link cuff from Adeline Affre, vintage oxfords, a mint-green miniskirt and a well-worn pair of Acne Pistols rounding out the rest of her travel wardrobe. But when it comes to dressing for the stage? It's a whole other story entirely. “I really need to be dressed. It's not a disguise, but the expression of my double personality! I feel insecure if I'm not dressed for the stage. And it's like a game," Budet explained, as we watched her outfit herself in a panelled Lahssan trench. And if what we saw at a recent Yelle show is any indication, Budet's got the proverbial game on lock.