5 Delicious Avocado Toast Ideas

The yummiest (and most photogenic) versions of our favorite snack straight from the Instagram-approved experts.

5 Delicious Avocado Toast Ideas

Okay, so there are times just before we’re about to post a picture of a truly delicious looking dish (or at least one that’s beautifully plated), we hesitate for a second: in Karley Sciortino’s immortal works, is it just the littlest bit “trag?” But no, as consummate celebrators of food, whether it’s eaten in the morning or for dinner, on holidays or on a drunken Saturday night, we’re strong believers that what you last ate has just as much a right to be on our feeds as your #wokeuplikethis selfie.

But if anything wins at the Instagrammable food game, it’s avocado toast. For some reason, nothing looks quite as good as that bright green fruit (avocado’s a fruit, right?) mashed onto a slice of multigrain toast and sprinkled with your seasoning of choice. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s actually pretty damn delicious too. In case you have yet to get into the #avocadotoast action, we asked the people who’s Instagrams always leave our mouths watering to give us notes on their favorite versions of the mainstay breakfast/lunch/late-night snack dish. Your feeds (and taste buds) have been warned.


Chris Benz


"I am obsessed with the avocado toasts from Juice Press. Sometimes a juice is just not enough and these little ones are the perfect compliment! I like to add Louisiana Hot Sauce and some pepper flakes for a kick."

Athena Calderone

Creator, Eye Swoon; Interior Designer

"Sometimes you just can’t over think lunch. Often the simplest things are the most memorable and the most yummy! I would say it’s a fairly safe bet that if there’s a kale salad or an avocado toast on the menu, I swoon and ultimately need to order it! Kale and ripe avocados are also essential staples when I visit the market and always have a place in my kitchen, so this easy breezy lunch is an amalgam of the overtly obvious for me. We all have an arsenal of fave recipes we pull from of our bag of tricks when in need of a quickie, inspired, impromptu lunch. This is hands down the dish I turn to most often when hosting family and friends out at my house in Amagansett. It’s guaranteed to please, super hearty and healthy! Honestly, it’s just so easy to throw together and [totally] swoon-able. The trick here is a surplus of lemon, a touch of spice, Maldon sea salt and some great quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. My personal building blocks of flavor!"

Geri Hirsch

Creator, LEAF TV & because I'm addicted

"Whether it's plain and simple or topped with tuna, grapefruit or hot sauce, I've never met an avocado toast I don't like. Especially Cafe Gitane's. My current favorite avocado toast is actually an avocado sandwich—a spicy avocado sandwich to be exact! Here's how to make it (and a video recipe here!)."

Spicy Avocado Sandwich

- 2 tbsp mayonnaise
- 1-2 tsp chalula (more or less depending on taste)
- 1/2 avocado, sliced
- 5-7 pieces aged gruyere, sliced
- 3-5 slices of bacon, fried
- 2 eggs, fried
- 2 slices of ciabatta (or bread of your choice)
- Arugula

1. Mix mayonnaise, chalula, S + P in a bowl, set aside
2. Fry bacon, starting on a cold skillet - fry on medium high heat for 4-5 minutes, flip and cook on other side for another 1 min (Drain on a paper towel)
3. Fry 2 eggs, sunny side up - medium heat for approximately 5 minutes
4. Slice ciabatta bread in half and brush with olive oil
5. Heat over medium high heat until golden brown
6. Spread spicy sauce, top with avocado (mashed), cheese, arugula, bacon and 1 egg

Molly Guy

Creative Director, Stone Fox Bride

"My friend Kathryn Bentley and I used to make this every day in the summer of 2008: sesame Ezekiel bread toasted, smeared with a thick slab of raw almond butter, topped with sliced avocado and Maldon sea salt, then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. We'd wrap it up and hop the LIRR to the beach! Super salty, yummy, healthy and protein packed."

Reece Solomon

Creative Director, Reece Hudson

"The Cafe Gitane avocado toast is [my] fav—lemon and red pepper flakes on a multigrain toast."

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