WTF is... EE Cream?

WTF is... EE Cream?

Because, really, how many formulations of tinted moisturizer can there be?!

WTF is EE Cream? Our new, ahem, investigative series gets to the bottom of questionable new trends.

We're hardly the types to dismiss the billion-dollar beauty business based on face value alone. But if there’s anything that leaves us scratching our heads in an industry that, at the end of the day, runs on inanimate objects that are pretty to look at and fun to talk about; it’s skincare and the somewhat insane array of products we’re meant to cover our face with. And there’s one in particular we’d like to address today—because, really, what the f*ck is EE cream?

We were pretty satisfied when BB cream first came along and made its way over this side of the pond (thanks, South Korea), because to be perfectly honest, we were doing pretty well with straight up tinted moisturizer. Then along came CC cream. Then, yes, DD cream. And right when we felt ourselves slipping into new product withdrawal, comes Estée Lauder’s aptly named EE cream, a new alliterative tinted potion meant to improve your complexion and skin tone.

Wading through various marketing material and research, here’s what we’ve discovered about the stuff. As far as we can tell, beauty behemoth Estée Lauder is the first (and only) brand to come out with an EE cream, which seems to be have called so because EE stands for “Even Effect.” Research shows that pollution causes skin discoloration (dark spots and hyperpigmentation = scary future skin problems), and the cream’s special formula smoothes skin tone. This product won’t solve the problem alone––instead, it acts kind of like a full-face concealer, rather than the light and buildable coverage that is its BB cream sister. Our thoughts? If you’re younger, you’re safe to stick to BB, but as your skin starts to age, EE might be the more effective choice. Still with us, you guys? Taking bets now about whether the next launch will be FF or GG.

What do you think about EE cream?

What’s your favorite method of coverage?

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