15 Indulgent Things to Do On Your Day Off

15 Indulgent Things to Do On Your Day Off

Because you have 24 extra hours all to yourself this weekend.

Its the long freakin' weekend. You have an entire extra day all to yourself and no clue how to spend it. So lets get to it, shall we?


Well, you could always start with a DIY manicure. Or pedicure. We mean, when do you ever have the time to do that? You do now, so get to it.


Not to boss you around or anything, but while you're clipping those cuticles and waiting for your polish to dry, you could always slap on a face mask, too. Just saying.


Oh, and while all of this is going on, you should probably put on a little Netflix (Mean Girls. Clueless. The Craft. Need we say more?) or HBO Go (Sex & the City, because duh), given that between your hands and face being out of commission, you'll likely be immobile for a little while.


Okay, so now you've pampered yourself into oblivion, why not do something productive? Because if you're anything like us, this is right about when and where we'd start feeling a little guilty. We suggest getting in a little light workout (or a more intense one).

Maria Sharapova


And brushing up on your reading––who couldn't use a little more Betty Halbreich, Lena Dunham or Caroline de Maigret in their life?



On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, you could also choose your next tattoo.

“The first [tattoo] was the hardest to pick. It’s a diamond with two birds and an anchor. It had to have so much meaning, and now I just walk in and pick something on the spot depending on the artist and what he’s good at and the shape of the space I want to fill. The most painful [tattoo] was the spider web on my elbow.” —Douglas Friedman, Photographer


Or get all crafty and spend the afternoon DIY-ing a terrarium.





You could also learn how to cook with vodka.


Or skip the whole Michelin Star thing, drink the vodka and cook yourself up a little college-style drunk food.


Then go online shopping, because in our eyes, that's the very best way to make sound and responsible financial decisions.


Once you've sobered up a little and come around to the rude awakening that is your credit card balance, clean out your closet and sell some old sh*t. You're welcome!

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