Marni & Cubby’s 13 Most Outrageous Looks

Marni & Cubby’s 13 Most Outrageous Looks

We raid the Insta-famous Pomeranians’ closets. And conclude they’re better dressed than we are.

If you’ve become at all acquainted with the ‘explore’ icon on Instagram, there’s approximately a one in three chance you’ve swiped over one of Cailli and Sam Beckerman’s outrageous outfits—and about a one in five chance said outfits happened to be worn by the twin #BeckermanDog, Marni and Cubby.

On the off chance you’re unfamiliar, a quick perusal of the infamous Beckerman Blog will give you a good idea of these dogs’ M.O.—read: cuteness that rivals the likes of Boo and Buddy, a Gaga-esque flair for head-turning costuming, and a wardrobe more extensive than the average Coveteur (exception: the twins at the opposite end of their leashes).

Herein, our round up of these Poms’ most, er, polarizing looks. Scorecards at the ready...


“Who dat, who dat? Don’t be fooled by our caramel highlights—these punky Poms are all street and no treats.”


“Einstein = Marni and Cubby, squared. Who’s the genius now?!”


“Cubby was supposed to be dressed like this too—it was a whole Bumble & Bumble thing. Now I’m just an effing bee.”


“What, was I not supposed to touch the Manic Panic?”


“We swear everything was from the sale rack.”


“Mom—gingham is a little J. Crew for our taste, no?”


“I call this, the ‘every girl at Coachella.’”


“Maman, que voulez-vous au supermarché? Du lait de coco?”


“Come on, Dogue.”


“Please, if Valentino can bring back The Swan, so can Marni. Twerkin’ for a Bjorkin.”


“I’m lickin’ it.”


“Shut up, it’s Céline.”


“I am the one who barks.”

—Chelsey Burnside
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