Inside Rachel Roy's Beauty Cabinet

Inside Rachel Roy's Beauty Cabinet

That special Roy glow? Yeah, we know the secret.

Rachel Roy has that dewy, glowing skin that we attempt to replicate by flipping through magazine pages and editor-approved product roundups. Admit it, you’ve done it. Maybe not with Roy in mind, but we all have a girl crush (or two!) whose poise, confidence and natural glow makes us feel slightly insecure about our “time of the month blemish” (you know the one). Even with those endless eye creams, at-home exfoliants and oils, we still find it difficult to wake up looking that, well, perfect.

When Roy waltzed into the room looking all sorts of lovely in her Pucci blouse and The Row leather leggings, we couldn’t help but be captivated by her flawless face all made-up. Oh, and that skinny-ring finger bling. We chatted with Roy one-on-one and did the legwork to find out her beauty secrets, so you can skip the Google sesh. So, you’re welcome.

“I use it daily. It’s light but really works.”
“I don’t go anywhere without it.”
“My skin feels amazing after I use it.”
“My grandmother used to wear it.”
“Sometimes a girl needs a little help.”
“Gives me that glow I crave when I can’t make it to the beach.”
“Helps after those long days and nights in the office.”
“Straight from my favorite spa.”
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