Anna Dello Russo

Editor-at-Large; Creative Consultant, Vogue Japan. New York

Because the anointed street style stars are at their very best during Paris Fashion Week (it must be something about the light in the Tuileries), this week we're celebrating the clique's crème de la crème by revisiting the closets of some favorite Coveteurs who always make Tommy Ton's shots. 

Packing for fashion week is no easy feat… especially when all eyes and lenses are on you. When everyone is expecting you to wear something more outrageous than the last time, it can be difficult trying to top an outfit complete with a cherry on top. But nobody does it quite like Anna Dello Russo. We caught up with the streetstyle legend to see how she keeps the photographers on the street always on the edge of their seat. Vogue Japan’s Editor-At-Large and creative consultant, Anna Dello Russo is known for her eccentric, head-turning outfits.

When she's not jet-setting from city to city for fashion week, she calls Milan home, where she lives with her dog, Cucciolina. (Stay tuned for that one.) Described by legendary photog Helmut Newton as a “fashion maniac,” the larger-than-life personality is synonymous with wearing radical runway pieces by day – and we got to seem them up-close. Following her regular morning swim, we got way deep in her sea of bags. Living out of your suitcase from New York to Paris isn’t fun for anyone, but A.D.R. adheres and advises others to follow her list of “Front Row Rules,” which include: Only wearing an outfit once, always wearing good shoes, don’t wear sunglasses unless you’re VIP and most importantly, “Nothing succeeds like excess.” After scouring her suitcase we can attest A.D.R.’s devotion to the rules. Her excess baggage was overflowing with fur, fluorescence and glitzy jewels. Her outfit changes throughout our shoot were truly mesmerizing. And it's only fair to share with you, right?