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Video: 73 Questions with Anna Wintour

The Editor-in-Chief of Vogue on the most overused word in fashion, Brooklyn and a whole lot more (yes, this is real)

Video: 73 Questions with Anna Wintour

Guys, sometimes there are just no words.

Picture this: one afternoon, an e-mail arrives in your inbox, detailing a top-secret, totally exclusive preview (you thought Taylor Swift songs were C.I.A.-level secrecy stuff? Turns out they have nothing on Condé Nast). Of what, you ask? Only the latest in Vogue's already addictive 73 Questions video series, this time featuring their fearless leader—yes, Anna Wintour—in a tête-à-tête. And yes, it requires superhuman discipline to not forward the link to your entire address book. And we held off, you guys! For that, we probably deserve some kind of reward—namely one that rhymes with Rivenchy?

We digress—and would like to present you with something that will likely change the course of your entire Wednesday. Anna, you guys. She wishes fashion people would stop saying not 'chic', or 'iconic', but 'journey'. She has a photo of a college-aged Obama hanging in her office. She thinks Brooklyn is the new Silicon Valley. She's afraid of spiders—as if they're any match for her. She gives a video-crasher advice on a Proenza Schouler clutch and is surprisingly chill about the whole thing. She utters the sentence, "cooking with marijuana" and we thought about making it our ringtone. And most notably, she's unwaveringly, unflinchingly herself throughout the entire thing. And we love her for it.

P.S. Anna, now that we've seen inside your office... well, we think you know what comes next. Ms. Wintour x The Coveteur, anyone? This is begging for a hashtag campaign. Just saying.

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