Jayne Min

Designer; Creative Consultant. Los Angeles

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

There are a select few in the ‘sphere’ (so to speak), that we’ve been following, well, since we discovered that people post pictures of themselves on the Internet. Jane Aldridge and Tavi, who we’d read of with something resembling jealousy, in that girls who were significantly younger than us could pull off such imaginative fashion so immaculately (read: a million times better than us—that, and the Rodarte sisters weren’t sending us their webby sweaters). And then along came Rumi Neely, Blair Eadie, Emily Schuman, Leandra Medine—okay, so maybe it’s a bit odd to refer to them like veterans when there isn’t one of them over thirty, but guys? They were the original players in the game. And then there’s Jayne Min. While we've been near-obsessively following the West Coast blogger for a significant minute, when we arrived at her downtown Los Angeles loft, we have to admit that it was kind of our equivalent of coming across a movie star, where there’s that concern that the illusion will be ruined (they’re always a lot shorter, right?).

But IRL, Min was somehow even cooler, smarter and actually, well, approachable (funnier, too) than her expertly-curated Instagram feed might let on. Of course, it didn’t hurt that she’d set up a tray of fruit and cheese (we guess our reputation of being a hungry bunch succeeds us), which we happily munched on (but not before photographing the platter with her supersized Givenchy shark tooth necklace, of course).

And then: her closet. Guys, if you follow Stop It Right Now (and if you don’t, who are you?!), believe us when we say that her blog is only the tip of the iceberg. Min, who recently left her design gig at a Californian skate brand to focus on her own creative projects with a plan to eventually start her own label and store (we already can’t hardly wait), is the kind of person who has nailed her sartorial identity in a way we can only fantasize about. The shoes: Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney and enough sneakers to make even the most diehard collector envious. The bags: Mansur Gavriel—in bulk. The clothes: Jeremy Laing, Acne, Veda and pretty much anything else you can think of that might fill your dream closet. And the Céline. Oh, the Céline. Never, ever in all our time nosing through wardrobes have we come across such a perfect collection—from that floral embroidered blazer and multiple matching silk t-shirt-and-trouser sets to the Love Life slip-ons and furry sandals; she’s got it all. But only Min could mix it all up with that no-fuss LA cool. “The best [fashion] advice is to not care what other people think. Because who are [they to be] critiquing your look? Who are you trying to appeal to?” she said. “Just do you. Life is too short."


Stylist Assistant: Rachel Nagthall