6 Beauty Treatments You Can Do in Your Hotel Room

6 Beauty Treatments You Can Do in Your Hotel Room

The must-have masks, DIY scrub and packable tool that will turn your suite into a spa (promise)

We're on the road a lot (a lot might even be an understatement), and our new collaboration with CNTraveler.com has had us thinking a lot about keeping it all together while constantly on the move. 'Cause guys, we've had a lot of experience: hotel rooms are pretty much our home, especially now as we enter into the fashion madness marathon that is fashion month (stay tuned!). So we'll flatter ourselves and just tell you straight up: we know our way around an excellent hotel room facial.

Regardless of whether you're on a business trip with back-to-back meetings or on the picture-perfect getaway of a lifetime, virtually all travel has one thing in common: it can do a serious number on your beauty routine. Chalk it up to the unavoidable lack of sleep, stale airplane air or that withdrawals from that one crucial product that you inevitably happen to leave sitting in your cabinet back at home—regardless of the cause, the end result is almost always the same. Massive under-eye circles, a parched, tired complexion, stray breakouts: you know, everything you were hoping would pop up right before a major presentation or vacation photo opp. We’ve been there. From us to you, here are six beauty treatments you can do in your hotel room—whether you have just a few minutes to spare or an entire night to yourself.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

There's a reason why this Hannibal Lecter-esque sheet mask is backed by every beauty editor in the business—and no, it's not just because they get them for free. Just before heading to bed, set aside 10-15 minutes to rip open the foil packet, unfold and apply the cotton mask, taking time to pat the Pitera-infused serum into your skin afterwards. Not only is this mask entirely TSA-friendly, but the results are instant­—perfect for the morning of a big day. Bonus points if you dare to don one in-flight or stash it in your mini-bar fridge to heighten it's cooling effects. We also love Dr. Jart's single-use sheet masks, which tackle everything from clogged pores to dry skin and fine lines.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

We swear this is so much more than your average mineral water spray. Caudalie seriously broke the mold with this one: loaded with essential oils and plant extracts, a spritz of this hydrating facial mist is akin to a lightweight application of serum. Give it a try over or under makeup for pretty, plump and glowing skin—and yes, it comes in security-friendly sizes, too.

Alberto VO5 Hot Oil Treatment

It's true—you could always secure a dollop of your usual deep conditioner in one of those plastic travel containers. But there's just something so incredibly decadent and old school––it's all very Dita Von Teese––about these test tube hot oil treatments. That, and the fact that you can pick up a package at just about any drugstore across North America. Should you find yourself flying solo on a work trip, we recommend slathering some on while you catch up on emails or prep that PowerPoint. Simply submerge in some boiled water from your in-room kettle, twist off the cap and apply. We knew those in-room hair caps came in handy for something.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask

Prone to dark circles? We feel you. Throw a pair (or more) of these in your beauty bag before your next trip and slide them on as needed—whether you're getting off the redeye or heading into an early A.M. meeting after pulling an all-nighter. Press down on the liquid section until you hear a slight 'pop' and it deflates, filling the under-eye-shaped masks on the opposing side. Apply and go on with your morning––or night––for 15 minutes or so, then simply peel and toss. In a pinch, you can fake a similar effect with refrigerated spoons by pressing their rounded back onto your under-eyes, or even with the caffeinated (cooled-down) teabags.

Clarisonic Mia

Okay, so making space for what is essentially a vibrating toothbrush for your face may seem excessive to some. But given that the Clarisonic Mia fits into the size of your hand and serves as a 60-second solution to clogged pores and dry, flaking skin, we've come to deem it necessary. Follow up with your usual moisturizer or even a mask to restore moisture for the most dehydrated complexions.

DIY Lip Scrub

Yes, you can still hack a DIY beauty treatment, even thousands of miles away from home—all you need is room service and a little resourcefulness. Ask a room attendant for a little brown sugar, ground coffee or even sea salt, plus honey or olive oil. Mix together, scrub across your lips, wipe off with a warm washcloth and bid adieu to dry or peeling lips.

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