Katie Cassidy

Actor; Fashion Blogger. Los Angeles

We'll be straight with you—save for her treacherous turn on Gossip Girl (before you judge us, we place the blame squarely on Netflix), we didn't quite have actress Katie Cassidy pinned as the buying-out-Bergdorfs type. Fast forward one chance encounter in Vancouver later (hello, Hollywood North? It's totally a thing, guys. Did you learn nothing from Twilight?), which quickly evolved into a weekend-long hangout of grand proportions, and, well, let’s just say our perceptions have done a 180. Those baby pink Alexander Wang wedges? A Givenchy rottweiler tote? Thigh-high (and then some) Tom Ford boots? Check, check, and check—and all inside Cassidy's closet. See what we mean? With every piece that made its way out of Cassidy's travel wardrobe and onto her person during our playdates, we increasingly began to sense a theme: girl knows how to throw down when it comes to sample sales and plunking down the plastic. Then again, she does double as a personal style blogger, so we guess we should have seen the whole thing coming.

So just what has Cassidy been up to in between seducing Nate Archibald and doing the whole do-gooder attorney thing on her current show, Arrow? Evidently, it includes archiving a treasure trove of Céline, Hermès, Christian Louboutin and then some. "I just bought [a travel cape] from Burberry and I am OBSESSED," Cassidy enthused about her latest purchase, a cape which essentially had the actor looking like a Cara Delevingne dead ringer as we made our way through her suitcase.

Oh, and when she's not busy, with her, ahem, UES-boy-and-Balmain-oriented pursuits? Cassidy's exploring the best of the West Coast—all the way from Vancouver to Los Angeles. "When I am in Vancouver, I am always stopping off at either Minami or Miku—they have the best sushi. I also love West Oak for dinner and YEW at the Four Seasons for brunch," Cassidy raved as we proceeded to style every last inch of her suite. "In Los Angeles, the best brunch is hands down at Cecconi’s and I love Laurel Hardware for cocktails. However, my ideal day in Los Angeles would be lunch at SugarFish and then shopping at Barney’s New York with post-shopping champagne at Barney Greengrass." Guys, we knew there was a reason why we liked this girl.