Katie Goodwin

Fashion PR & Marketing Consultant. Los Angeles

We know almost better than anyone that every painfully cliché story of working in fashion (cue Ru Paul's 'Supermodel' and montages of pin-thin editor caricatures parading around in cotton candy couture gowns) typically involves a big move to New York. And yes, this is where the slightly tragic scenes kick in: you know, like where our heroine moves into a cockroach-infested 10th floor walk-up with a devious roommate, or her Louboutin gets stuck in subway grate, or any other plot device ripped directly from the script of your go-to sick-at-home movie. We digress: moving to New York is a strategic move virtually anyone looking to make it in the creative industry of their choice ponders at some point. But what would happen if you could skip the neuroticism, the brutal winters and "is-that-a-joke?"-high rents in favor of year-round sunshine, valet service at every stop and a decidedly more laid-back outlook in life, while maintaining all of the perks of a sweet fashion gig?

Yeah, we know. It sounds too good to be true. But just in case the lesson we were attempting to impart while touring through the closet of Lawren Howell didn't quite sink in, allow us to introduce you to Katie Goodwin to really hit it home. Overseeing celebrity dressing at Valentino, Goodwin's day gig encompasses many of the tasks that might actually be featured in the aforementioned guilty pleasure movie. But then, this is real life. "I am in constant contact with celebrity stylists and always working on fittings. I also deal with events, plus press outreach and strategy,” she told us. “I handle most things related to entertainment and celebrity for my clients, which can mean anything from booking a band for an event to dressing an actress for The Oscars.” So yes, in case you were wondering, this means that every stunning Valentino creation you've ever seen on the red carpet is probably courtesy of Goodwin.

As you'd likely guess, not only did we find a veritable catalogue of Valentino's greatest hits alongside pieces from Bulgari, Dior and Kenzo, but we also uncovered plenty of favorites from Topshop and Zara. Oh, and what can only be described as a treasure trove of Tom Ford lipsticks and nail polishes. And just for the record? Goodwin wouldn't give up the whole ‘best coast’ living thing for all of the LES-after hours bars or Hamptons getaways in the world—in fact, it’s just the opposite (it's all very Didion-esque). "If I could live anywhere in the world, I would keep my apartment in Los Angeles, have a second home in Palm Springs, a house in Big Sur, an apartment in Barcelona and a beach shack in Costa Rica." Guys, we're totally contemplating a West Coast move right about now.