Douglas Friedman

Photographer. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

As you may or may not have noticed, we’re really, really into a good piece of eye candy here at The Coveteur. And we don’t discriminate either—we’re talking eye candy in all of its forms: a perfectly assembled shoe closet, a digi-printed Mary Katrantzou frock or just a perfectly arranged Instagram shot. Oh, and also, pretty people. You know, regulation hotties. Enter, Douglas Friedman, photographer (past subjects include but are by no means limited to Hilary Clinton, Diane Von Furstenberg and Donatella Versace—NBD), man-about-town and, yeah, regulation hottie.

But even better than the fact that Friedman is, ahem, pretty easy on the eyes, is the fact that he shares our aforementioned appreciation for anything aesthetically pleasing or, well, interesting, to put it mildly. Take his Midtown Manhattan apartment, for example: it’s one that could easily fit among the somewhat, uh, personality-filled spaces he regularly photographs for magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and ELLE Décor. For one thing, we’ve never seen so much taxidermy in our lives—upon our mentioning it (the pigeons roosting on the dining room table were striking to be sure, as was the skunk in the living room), Friedman admitted that he’d become known for stuffed animals to the point where friends were gifting him more outrageous creatures all the time (in case you're ever in need of a favor—the more you know, right?). And that’s saying nothing of the extensive art collection displayed everywhere we turned, including a seriously amazing photograph (by Friedman, obvs) of Cov-alum Peter Marino.

His closet was another trip altogether, though guys. While it ran the gamut from wetsuits and massive fur gloves to a blue velvet Calvin Klein suit and Cartier watches, Friedman copped to the fact that he does tend to stick to a pretty steady uniform of t-shirts (Beyoncé-bedecked ones, though), sweatpants, Converse and piles of novelty baseball caps (we’re partial to the “Los Hamptons”-emblazoned one ourselves), all of which he had in enormous supply. As he headed out to host a dinner party as we were finishing up (none other than Bonnie Morrison showed up at his door as his date #fangirlmoment), Friedman casually finished off his check-shirt-and-jeans look with Birks, our very own choice shoe of the summer. We mean, there’s eye candy and then there’s a man who can rock a Birkenstock Arizona sandal—with socks, no less.