Ben Baller's Five Favorite Things

The producer-turned-bling-bedazzler's life essentials

Not many can say they've gone from creating beats for everyone from Dre to Jay Z (yes, you can skip the vigorous eye rub—you're reading that correctly) to custom-creating all things bling for the likes of Justin Bieber to Tom Cruise and Amanda Bynes (again, forego the eye rub—you can lurk his Instagram for evidence). In case you didn't already guess (we mean, how many DJ-slash-producers-turned-big-time-jewelers have both Bynes and Bieber in their Rolodex do you know?), we're talking about the one and only Ben Baller. The one-of-a-kind jeweler who has iced out everything from diamond encrusted 7-Up cans to bejeweled Pillsbury Doughboys—because why drink pop when you can, uh, drink diamonds, right? 


If it wasn't already obvious (we mean, his moniker kind of says it all, guys), Baller is, well, just that—his name says it all. And in our attempt to nab just a little bit of that been-there-seen-that-thrown-a-row-of-pavé-diamonds-on-it cool, we asked Baller for his top five favorite things—which, if you didn't already see it coming, are just about anything but average.

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