Tea Time with Caroline Trentini

Because Brazilians know best.

Tea Time with Caroline Trentini

It's the land of eponymously named waxes and bouncy (albeit potentially, um, hazardous and occasionally illegal) blow-outs. Oh, and it's also the motherland of approximately 5938129 Victoria's Secret models* and professionally good-looking people (Helena Bordon, Marina Larroudé, Alessandra Ambrosio and Caroline Trentini to name just a few). But it was only when we caught up with the latter as she primped for the Met Gala that we were let in on yet another beauty secret that's become a Brazilian birthright of sorts: Chimarrão (which us mere mortals may know better as yerba mate).

Allow us to explain: Yerba is chock-full of polyphenols, which you may recognize colloquially by way of both the beauty industry and blueberries as a kind of antioxidant. Proponents of the stuff swears it aids weight loss, boosts your immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory, but if it lands us a complexion even one-tenth as glowing as Trentini's, we'll happily slug the stuff down like it's liquid gold. Here, Trentini breaks down her DIY (and entirely authentic, BTW) brewing process for your viewing pleasure.

*Numbers may not be statistically, ahem, accurate.

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