Shiona Turini

Fashion Market Director, Cosmopolitan. New York

By: Emily Ramshaw
Styling: Emily Ramshaw

We’re pretty sure we’ve gone over this before, but given our considerable experience, we feel we can claim with total confidence that no one has a wardrobe quite like a fashion editor. Matters of sheer volume and general OTT-ness aside, we swear up and down that it must have something to do with that whole, you know, editing thing: knowing the best of the best and exactly where to find it. That, and the ability to ruthlessly sort the so-so from the so-very-necessary. With that in mind, we kind of knew, before even knocking on her Murray Hill apartment door, that Shiona Turini’s would be a closet to be, well, reckoned with.

And we knew because not only is she the newly crowned fashion market director of the revamped Cosmopolitan (there’s plenty more than the once-cliched sex position inspiration and how-to-flirt-through-body-language tips where that came from), but Turini, originally from Bermuda, has had training on the ground with the ultimate fashion editor (ultimate as in a picture of her should actually be what illustrates “fashion editor” in the dictionary). If it wasn't already entirely obvious, we’re talking about the one and only Carine Roitfeld. Because when Roitfeld left Paris Vogue to launch CR Fashion Book, it was Turini who joined her as fashion market and beauty director. Need we say more as testament to the woman's CV?

Upon our arrival, Turini welcomed us both water and pink Veuve (the only beverages one really needs, we’ll agree with her there). After pouring ourselves a few glasses, we got down to the business of her two very large and very enviable closets. And while Turini may have logged many an hour with Roitfeld, it's worth noting that the PR department of Tom Ford-era Yves Saint Laurent was her career's proverbial launching pad. Yes, you read that right. And yes, we were pinching ourselves as she pulled out snug satin jacket after archival tuxedo dress after vertiginous heel, all with that iconic YSL inscription. And those were just building blocks for her furry Fendi booties, Balenciaga block heels and Dior court shoes, along with Riccardo Tisci’s latest for Nike (yes, she has the full calf-enveloping boots, and yes, we had the immense pleasure of taking them out of the box ourselves—they were that new). It has to be addressed Turini is a girl with serious shoe game. And that’s to say nothing of her growing Alaïa collection, which Turini admitted was her number one priority at the moment. The highlight, however, was seeing the editor put on her custom gold grill (she may just beat A$AP in the game of turning it into a high fashion statement) all while dancing to Beyonce’s video (excuse us, visual) album, which played on her big screen for the entirety of our visit. And let's be real: for us, there's really nothing like an afternoon that captures our biggest weaknesses: pink champagne, archive YSL, Carine Roitfeld anecdotes and Queen Bey. Oh, and grills. What more could a girl want? (The answer is obviously nothing.)