Sale Away

Sale Away

Because if there's one thing we know, it's a good sale.

We hate to boast. But among our myriad talents—including, but not limited to, placing shoes on books just so, creating a banana-to-vegetable ratio in smoothies that eradicates all taste of said vegetables and predicting eminent red carpet choices like nobody’s business—if there’s one thing we’re really good at, it’s navigating sales.

From the moment that initial announcement email arrives in your inbox to clicking through to the pieces we’ve been fixated on all season, if we didn’t know better, we’d almost swear it was our calling or something. And while we know things can get slightly overwhelming with hyperbolic, exclamation point-laden discounts every way you turn, we find it helpful to divvy up potential purchases into three categories while virtually browsing: "Basically free" (we like to reason that we'd be losing money should certain pieces get left behind); "How could you not?" (otherwise known as 'get it or regret it'); and "Still a splurge" (you know, the pieces that frantic, pleading calls to credit card companies were made for... just kidding! We're totally responsible adults, you guys).

First up? In this category, the transparent Wayfarer-style Kenzo sunnies that your Instagrams will officially be incomplete without, the strappy Sophia Webster jelly sandals that are especially justifiable given that they'll likely impede existential crises at any age and the camouflage Valentino espadrilles that we swear up and down will last you well into fall. Oh, and these Tom Binns earrings, because, well, they probably cost than a week-and-a-half's worth of your caffeine fix. Think about it.

Next, of course? The pieces that are so totally worth every cent, but require an, ahem, more studied approach to clicking 'buy' than the too-good-to-be-true purchases outlined previously. You know, like dedicated moodboards that specifically illustrate each reference and event in which the piece would be perfect for. Namely? That primary color-accented, elastic-paneled Christopher Kane frock that makes for the perfect "why hello, ex-boyfriend" outfit; or the strappy Alexander Wang sandals which are the definitive not-so-basic-black, Rihanna-would-totally-approve pump. Oh, and the oversized Acne sweatshirt that you totally owe us a thank you bouquet for when it lands you a spot on a slideshow. Just saying.

And finally? We bring you to the significantly splurge-y. The admittedly extravagant. The pieces you briefly considered selling various organs for. That, or, at the very least, the ones you'll be spending the next handful of weeks rabidly refreshing in hopes for further markdowns. Think: that pleated, printed Mary Katrantzou miniskirt which holds the potential to quite literally revamp everything in your wardrobe or this embellished Erdem sweatshirt, which, we assure you, you will wear with everything. We're also feeling this baby blue mirrored Proenza, which, well, should speak for itself on description alone, or the Saint Laurent choker which while, yes, costs a considerable bundle, will be dressing up basic white shirts and pencil skirts of yours for—dare we say it—decades to come.

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