Lisa Eldridge

Makeup Artist, Blogger, Creative Director. London

By: Emily Ramshaw
Photography: Jake Rosenberg

We have a confession to make: before meeting makeup artist Lisa Eldridge IRL, we thought we knew exactly what to expect. We mean, the whole serious beauty cabinet thing? We saw that one coming. And guys, we were far from disappointed—we're talking serious proverbial make-up and skincare porn for days, people. If we’re being completely honest here, we weren’t exactly expecting the home and closet that Eldridge welcomed us into. But we suppose when the woman who has countless international Vogue covers under her makeup belt and big-name clients that include all four Kates (you know, Beckinsale, Bosworth, Winslet, and yes, Moss), not to mention almost 60 million views on her YouTube channel (NBD!), we should have seen it all coming.

Let’s just say that after clocking in a few, um, hours of her tutorials (we swear we’re this close to perfecting her ‘no makeup’ makeup and 'meeting the ex' looks, okay?!), meeting Eldridge in the flesh was a bit like seeing a long lost friend—or, at the very least, a new friend with a seriously impressive London home. When it comes to an appreciation for beautiful things, Eldridge knows what’s up. We mean, her collection of deco lamps and arty objects is second to none, and she’s managed to curate the next-to-impossible-to-achieve gallery wall—we’re thinking the vintage Vogue covers might be the key ingredient.

When it comes to fashion, though, Eldridge’s taste really runs the gamut (we suppose we could learn a thing or to, seeing as we, ahem, seem to reach for the same black denim and silk shirt combo every day). From goth-y Christopher Kane to a pop-Art-tastic Lulu Guinness lip clutch; from strings of pearls (CHANEL, duh!) to Miu Miu sparkle booties, this woman certainly covers her sartorial bases. Then again, when even we’re surprised with the results following one of her videos, it’s safe to say that Eldridge knows her stuff.