Stephen Malbon

CEO & Founder, FRANK151 Media Group, Los Angeles

"One time during New York Fashion Week we had had a party hosted by Big Boi from Outkast. Four or five Wu-Tang members showed up. Ghostface Killah blazed two models in the bathroom; it ended up on Page Six."
It kind of goes without saying that with anecdotes like that, Stephen Malbon is the kind of guy who had us gathering around him long after our shoot's wrap time, faces propped up in our hands, eager for more. And as the founder of Frank151 Media Group, it also kind of goes without saying that there's a whole lot more where that came from. "I started FRANK in 1999, when I was in art school in Atlanta, Georgia. It was before the Internet and I wanted an outlet to showcase my friends and their art," Malbon explained. "What makes FRANK unique is our respected heritage. We have always focused on rich content that other publishers would pass on." The result? An incredibly inclusive, collaboration-heavy collectible quarterly that offers a lens on everything from hip-hop to art to emerging designers and producers to mass culture as a whole. Intrigued yet?
Malbon's wardrobe is the sort of streetwear-meets-luxe mix you'd expect from the man behind the magazine and media empire: we came across everything from Hood by Air tees and Supreme flannel button downs to Tods loafers and limited-edition Cire Trudon candles. Ditto for his decor: lush orchids, camel Hermès throws and perfectly-propped fur pillows with customized spray cans ("done for me by Stayhigh149 aka The Voice of the Ghetto") and walls of scrap paper with graffiti. The best part, though? He has an affinity for a good white tee like no other. As he told us, "Pieces I have in bulk are my local tie-dye T-shirts from Colorado and Stussy x Hanes white tee packs." What can we say? We love a man who can take it back to basics.