Norel Mancuso

President/CEO of Social House, Inc. Los Angeles.

By: Emily Ramshaw

Hanging out with Norel Mancuso is like chilling with your best friend, your sister and your idol all rolled into one. You can’t help but want to be around her. (Maybe a little bit of that cool will rub off on us?) On top of that she’s a serious #GirlBoss (yeah, we went there). Mancuso is the President and CEO of Social House Inc., a first-of-its kind social media agency that works with big time clients—everyone from Playboy to Pepsi to J Brand goes to her for the DL on how to craft the perfect tweet and stage the most ‘Like’-able Instas (and lots more).  (Also can we pause over the fact that The Hef goes to her for advice?) Obviously she knows what’s up.

Let’s take the day we spent shooting together as an example. First of all, when it comes to taking that Downtown New York look to L.A., Mancuso is the master; you’ll see no boho dresses or pretty prints here. This girl is hard—think leather, creepers, vintage silver hard. That’s not to say she doesn’t love the L.A. sunshine. In fact, before we even got to shooting we had to hang by her pool—we mean, it doesn’t get much more SoCal than that. And then she went and ordered us a huge Mexican lunch… You get why we’re in love.

Her apartment wasn’t lacking either. For one thing, the girl collects vintage typewriters. “I find them beautiful because they are part of a ‘dead culture’ that has helped technology evolve to what it is today,” she says—she’s the one preaching social media after all. Also, let’s just take a second for her pets. She admits that she shares a likeness with her dog, Cash, but it’s her three turtles, bought on the street for $12, that really stole the show. There names? T, L and C. Yeah, that’s right. And on top of that, can you please take a peek at her gigantic oil painting of a white cat. Choupette? Is that you?

Happily for us, the Norel Mancuso tour didn’t end when we left her either. Like the older sister of our dreams, our L.A. fairy godmother met with us later that evening. In regular Mancuso-style, our evening was epic—but even we has to keep some things to ourselves