Josie Maran

Chief Empowerment Officer, Josie Maran Cosmetics. Los Angeles

Leave it to a model to preach the one cure-all beauty ingredient you can't so much as stroll down a drugstore aisle without running into. Yes, we fully credit Josie Maran for bringing the all-Argan-oil-everything phenomenon to well-stocked shelves everywhere—and we swear that just one look at her complexion and general glowy-ness will have you hoarding it, too.

At her Los Angeles home, Maran welcomed us munching on a spread of fresh strawberries and watermelon, her two kids in tow. Before getting down to the good (strictly sartorial) stuff, the model-turned-beauty mogul dished over fruity finger food on everything from her (however brief) cameo in a certain Backstreet Boys music video to her short-lived band, Darling, which she co-fronted with none other than Nicole Richie. The more you know, right? And while Maran certainly has the whole West Coast all-green-juice-all-the-time thing—ubiquitous Vitamix and all—down pat, we pretty much rejoiced when she happily 'fessed up to a few of her not-so-green vices. "My food tastes are all over the map. I love kale, seaweed, pizza, and fried chicken. I wish I could eat super healthy all the time, but pizza is definitely my favorite food." Um, twinsies?

As we made our way through her wardrobe (heavy on brightly-hued Missoni, basics from The Row, a healthy helping of vintage and plenty of Chloé footwear to boot), Maran turned to chatting about her transition from repping beauty brands to her own line of eco-minded goods. "When I was sitting in all those makeup artists’ chairs, I started asking for products that were high-performance and good for you. Everyone told me it couldn’t be done, so I decided to create my own. I've always believed nothing is impossible. I hope I never believe differently!"